Ev’ry Little Ting

The photo doesn't do it justice

The photo doesn’t do it justice

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster week; certainly one that’s sped by. I mean, how can today be 4th February 2017? What happened to January? And Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?

I psyched myself up for my dentist’s visit on Wednesday morning but I needn’t have worried. I didn’t feel a thing and recovered amazingly well – no bleeding, no pain once the anaesthetic wore off, no need to take any painkillers. Magic! And I know that this speedy recovery is down to my little yellow pills. 🙂

I’m suffering with severe writer’s block. It’s not been helped by the fact that I’ve been given work at very short notice – not that I’m complaining, the coffers are almost bare – and then I’ve had two occasions where I laid aside a whole morning or afternoon for appointments and then had the people concerned change or cancel them – all wasted time. And I’m finding it difficult to get into the swing of writing when I’d been geared up for something else.

“You’re making excuses, Elaine!” I hear you say. Possibly. But whether it’s an excuse or not, the truth be told, I’m struggling. So, I’ve decided to put The Banjo Book Two to one side and I’ve started work on another project. It’s a new path for me as a writer. I don’t want to share too much with you at the moment in case I put the mockers on myself, but I’ll keep you posted as the project progresses.

I’m also concerned that interest in Avocado Cottage has dropped off. But I had a meeting with Mr M of Apex Realtors and we’re going to work together to rent it out while keeping it on the market. This seems like a good solution; I’ll still be able to come a few times a year and stay here but it’ll be rented the rest of the time with holiday lets (I hope!!!) and that was the original plan and then any perspective buyers will know that it’s an on-going business.

It’s also been an emotional week for The Daughter. It’s not my news to share, so I won’t. But I’m so excited for her and thrilled and extremely proud.

Beautiful, vivid rainbow. All is well.

Beautiful, vivid rainbow. All is well.

And this morning, as I sat out on the veranda having a coffee and enjoying the cool, still morning, it suddenly started to rain. And a huge, vivid rainbow appeared. Honestly, the photos do not do it justice. And the unease vanished and I felt calm and serene and I just knew that this beautiful manifestation – a pact between my Higher Power and me – means that ev’ry little ting, gonna be alright.

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