Martina Cole

Late last year I had the huge good fortune to meet Martina Cole. Petite, attractive and dynamic, she was the loveliest, most down-to-earth person you could wish for, who took the time to chat in spite of being extremely busy.

I did ask her to feature in Hot Holidays! but apparently, she did something similar through Woman and Home last year about Northern Cyprus, which was reproduced on her Facebook page and she got a lot of nasty comments about the events of 1974 and current political situation in Cyprus and, understandably, didn’t want a repeat. Instead, she agreed to … Read the rest »

Kindle KO

I’ve actually bought a couple of books in the last few weeks.  Not that buying books is unusual for me, but for the last couple of years I’ve tended to buy my books as Kindle downloads.  That quite surprised me as I hated the thought of reading on a Kindle and really didn’t ever want one.  I was given one as a Christmas gift a few years ago and it sat in its box for almost two years until I was going to Antigua for a longish visit and knew that I couldn’t realistically carry ten or twelve books with … Read the rest »

Meeting Martina and Birthday Lunch

I was thrilled and honoured to meet the charismatic, talented Martina Cole at a book-signing last weekend.  She was so lovely, chatty and helpful.  I asked her about an interview and she said to give my card to her son who would contact me, which I did, so WATCH THIS SPACE!







Like me, Martina is a Dagenham girl, and one who’s never forgotten her roots.  I really look forward to the interview and hearing what she has to say, especially as I’m deeply emerged in Dagenham back in the 50s at the moment with … Read the rest »