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I’ve actually bought a couple of books in the last few weeks.  Not that buying books is unusual for me, but for the last couple of years I’ve tended to buy my books as Kindle downloads.  That quite surprised me as I hated the thought of reading on a Kindle and really didn’t ever want one.  I was given one as a Christmas gift a few years ago and it sat in its box for almost two years until I was going to Antigua for a longish visit and knew that I couldn’t realistically carry ten or twelve books with me due to weight restrictions.  Since then, I’ve found it very handy and I also often read books on my iPad using the Kindle App.

BUT………. I am getting so tired of being whacked on the head with both Kindle and iPad when I nod off while reading in bed.  I mean, if you fall asleep with a book, is flops to one side and slides to the floor causing no damage to the reader whatsoever.  But both Kindle and iPad seem to have a penchant for falling towards you; the Kindle hurts, the iPad is vicious!!   And it’s such a painful, horrible awakening.   So, I’ve gone all old-fashioned and am reading a ‘proper’ book at the moment, which is Martina Cole’s Get Even.  Have you read it?  OMG!  I can’t put it down!  Talk about page turner!  She is the most amazing story-teller.  I am loving it!

I’ve been a bit of a Lady Who Lunches over the last couple of weeks, with lovely catch-up lunches with some dear, old friends, who it was just great to see.  And I had a trip to the Queen’s theatre, Hornchurch, on Friday night (my local theatre) to see Don’t Look Now.  I enjoyed it.  Yes, there were things I’d have done differently – like asking the cast to speak up a bit! – but on the whole it was good.  And then last night it was a trip to the Thameside Theatre, Grays, to see Starshine Theatre School’s 45th Anniversary Show.  The Daughter danced there when she was five, when we first came back to UK from Ibiza, but then we moved and so she went to Jean Hewitt’s.  And in the way that life often works, I’ve come full-circle, meeting up with the Principal, Pamela Schild and her daughter Petrina Edwards, when a group of their students successfully auditioned for Melabeau for Cinderella and Into the Woods Jr.  Pam’s grand-daughter, Amy, was outstanding as the Witch in Into the Woods.  The show was fabulous – all credit to Miss Pam and her teachers – especially as it’s been very hard for everyone since Mr Richard Schild, Pam’s loving husband, died earlier this year.  Well done, everyone at Starshine!  You did Richard, Miss Pam, Miss Petrina and most of all YOURSELVES proud!

I had to switch off my phone while I was at the theatre in case anyone texted me about Strictly Come Dancing.  I usually keep a couple of text ‘conversations’ going while the show is on.  I watched it when I got home – what a disappointment!!  Ainsley??????  Boo!  Boo!  What were the judges thinking??  They were horrible to him on Saturday night.  The show is so BORING now – just thin women (most of whom have had some sort of dance training) being led and lifted by professional male dancers.  Where’s the skill in that?  I’ve said it before, SCD is very unfair to the male celebrities.   If I were the producer I’d have fewer celebs – five male, five female – and let them all dance for three weeks before the elimination starts, BUT, the men compete against each other and the women compete against each other, until the final when the last remaining man and woman dance together and the public chooses.  Much fairer!  But for this year – JAY TO WIN!!!   I really hope he does.  I have an incling there might be something more with him and Aliona…..?  No?  Just me then.

It’s a glorious day today – I walked around the town centre earlier doing a couple of errands and it was just the most beautiful, autumn morning.  Then I went into Sainsbury’s.  Dear God!  Doing the weekly shop seems to have become  a family day out.  The shop was full of mothers, either screeching at their 3 or 4 badly-behaved brats, or ignoring them all-together and letting them run riot.  Why don’t they take them over the park? This Grumpy Old Woman is going to get back to her writing!



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