Calling All Camden Residents!

For those of you who live in Camden I have some wonderful news!

Camden Libraries are going to stock two of my books!   Sweet Lady and Singles’ Holiday.  How cool is that?  I am beyond ecstatically pleased as it’s difficult for us self-publishing authors to make headway sometimes; pleased and humbled.  Woo hoo!

That’s something good that’s happened this week.  Because if I’m honest I have not had the best week.  The sale of Mum’s flat is still no further forward.  It’s a saga of epic proportions, which is far too complicated to try to explain in this journal.  In … Read the rest »

Elaine, You Have Been Caught….

Fortunately, yesterday afternoon at 5pm I was having a bite to each and a catch up with my lovely friend Lyn and so I missed seeing myself on The Chase.  I know the programme went out because I had half a dozen missed calls and ten texts telling me I was on the telly.  I did know as I was there when they filmed it!!  Ha Ha!

Well, if you were (un)lucky enough to see it you’ll see that I didn’t come out of it exactly bathed in glory, did I?

The Chase was one of Mum’s favourite programmes and … Read the rest »