We’re Turning

I know that language evolves and changes; English seems to do it even more so.  But I’ve noticed lately that nobody IS an age.  Suddenly everyone TURNS an age.  Last weekend we were told in the press that Rod Stewart had turned seventy.  Why couldn’t they just say that he was seventy or had become seventy or even had reached seventy?  And it isn’t just used about older people, either,  Last week I read an article about a child who had turned six.  Am I the only one to find this a bit strange not to mention  annoying?

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From Upper Class to Cattle

Well, what a whistlestop trip it was!  On Wednesday lunchtime I left Stansted to fly to Ibiza on business, stayed over night and came back Thursday evening.

There was a gasp and a sharp intake of breath from the Daughter when I said I was flying Ryanair.  “Are you mad?” She asked me.  What a way to speak to your mother!  But she had a terrible ordeal at Ryanair’s hands a couple of years ago and vowed never to travel with them again, and she hasn’t.  I was very apprehensive, especially as my Because-I’m-Worth-It philosophy has meant that I haven’t … Read the rest »

Calling All Camden Residents!

For those of you who live in Camden I have some wonderful news!

Camden Libraries are going to stock two of my books!   Sweet Lady and Singles’ Holiday.  How cool is that?  I am beyond ecstatically pleased as it’s difficult for us self-publishing authors to make headway sometimes; pleased and humbled.  Woo hoo!

That’s something good that’s happened this week.  Because if I’m honest I have not had the best week.  The sale of Mum’s flat is still no further forward.  It’s a saga of epic proportions, which is far too complicated to try to explain in this journal.  In … Read the rest »

Practising Productivity

Today has been a very productive day.

I’ve just spent over two hours with Nick Campbell working on the script and sorting out production details for the staging of Singles’ Holiday; the first full-length production by the Actors’ Factory.

This is something new for me, as What’s Eating Me and Sweet Lady were plays that became books.  My second novel is about to become a play, doing things the other way round.  It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait for the script to be completed and the auditions to start and very satisfying, too.

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I AM a Writer!

Yesterday I opened my monthly e-mail from Amazon and screamed out loud.

In the last month the kindle sales of my books – What’s Eating Me, Singles’ Holiday and Sweet Lady – were FOUR TIMES my previous best!  I was – and still am – ecstatic.

Okay – I’ve got a long way to go before I’m in the same earning bracket as JK Rowling.  But the first step on the road and all that.  And it’s really spurred me on to get on with Singles in India (although today’s been taken up with things other than writing).

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Joanne C Hillhouse Is Coming to my Blog!

I am really pleased and excited to announce that the wonderful, award-winning Antiguan writer Joanne C. Hillhouse has agreed to be my guest-blogger over the next few months.  Joanne is a well-known journalist, poet and the author of three novels – Dancng Nude in the Moonlight, the Boy from Willow Bend and Oh, Gad!  I can’t wait to read her first blog – I’ll let you know when it’s coming so WATCH THIS SPACE!!

I’ve been enjoying my wonderful Christmas presents.  Santa was very thoughtful with them and very good to me this year.  I’ve used my slow cooker several … Read the rest »

Is it Me? Or I?

Well, I’ve been back for almost a week, well. five days.  Five frantic, freezing days.  From 30C to 3C.  Bbrrrrr!

Still, my attitude to trips and holidays has become ‘think not with sadness that it is no more, but with gladness that it was’.  And I had a lovely time.

One of the things two long-haul flights and time to myself (sort of!) allowed me to do was catch up on my reading.  I read a couple of great books, a couple of mediocre ones and one that I didn’t enjoy at all.  But one thing that jumped out and … Read the rest »

Calm and Creative

Well, okay, not always completely calm, but certainly creative!

Since my last post I’ve settled into holiday mode.  On Sunday I took a little drive down the West Coast and was amazed to see so many changes in the five months since I was last here. There’s a new bar/restaurant on the corner of the road to Jolly Harbour and as I turned a bend in the road near Sugar Ridge I laughed out loud to see the new fish restaurant – it’s a big, red, double decker bus!!  Must try it out!  I had a spot of lunch at … Read the rest »

From my little bit of Paradise…

Well, here I am!  I’m writing this from my lovely little green house in Five Islands, Antigua.  I arrived yesterday after a very comfortable journey.  My local taxi driver Dave picked me up on time and we had an easy run-through to LGW.  The flight was an hour late but as I’d booked to fly Upper Class – BECAUSE I’M WORTH IT!! – I spent it in the Virgin Clubhouse.  I was then buggied to the gate – just as well as it was Gate 32 (why do the flights I take never leave from Gate 1?) and I couldn’t … Read the rest »

Sweet Lady, Sweet Moment…


That, is a huge sigh of relief.  My latest book has now been published.

Each book is something special and unique to its writer.  To me it’s my child, who I want looking her best before she goes out; I don’t want any criticism of her, just for people to approve of her.  And because i want them to enjoy the book I go over and over it, tweaking here and there, changing one word, sometimes a whole sentence, sometimes raising an eyebrow at what I’d written in the first place.  She is also my employee.  Each novel “works” … Read the rest »