Signed, Sealed and Bittersweet

We. Have. Completed.


The story of the Sale of Avocado Cottage is a book in itself, spread over possibly the longest, most stressful year of my life. I have written about some of what happened – much of which you couldn’t make up. And many things went on that made this possibly the longest sale of property in history!

For example; when the buyers went to the Loans Officer at CUB to apply for a mortgage in December she told them they don’t usually do mortgages in December, only car loans. And this certainly seemed to be the case … Read the rest »

In Pain!

Ouch!   Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!

I’ve had toothache for several days; one of the big ones right at the back 🙁 and it’s sending a throbbing pain all up my jaw.  Oh, woe is me!!   I have a pain-threshold that is about minus fifteen on a scale of one to ten, so I’ve been taking loads of pain-killers resulting in me floating through the week and seeing the world through a haze.  Finally, this morning I went along to see the dentist only for her to tell me she couldn’t extract it as it’s infected. 😭😭😭 So it’s a week … Read the rest »

Hell Freezes Over

It suddenly occurred to me on Friday night, just how long it is since I was last in Spain.  And how much I miss it.  The Sister and I went to celebrate a birthday dinner with our friend D in La Tasca at Lakeside, along with three other friends and we had a fabulous evening.  The place was buzzing – good job we booked!  The waiter was attractive as only a Spanish waiter can be; the food was excellent; the cava sangria divine and the company smashing.  We laughed and laughed and laughed about old times spent in Ibiza as … Read the rest »

Calling All Camden Residents!

For those of you who live in Camden I have some wonderful news!

Camden Libraries are going to stock two of my books!   Sweet Lady and Singles’ Holiday.  How cool is that?  I am beyond ecstatically pleased as it’s difficult for us self-publishing authors to make headway sometimes; pleased and humbled.  Woo hoo!

That’s something good that’s happened this week.  Because if I’m honest I have not had the best week.  The sale of Mum’s flat is still no further forward.  It’s a saga of epic proportions, which is far too complicated to try to explain in this journal.  In … Read the rest »

Maisie and Em – We Have Lift-off!

What a fabulous piece of news I had from my pal Heather Doram yesterday!

Regular readers will know that Heather and I appeared in the Women of Antigua production When a Woman Moans in 2011 and 2012 as two characters called Maisie and Em in two sketches I had written especially for the shows.  They were very well-received and feedback was that the sketches and characters formed a fabulous base for a TV series.  We both loved that idea – one we totally agreed with – and a young, dynamic Antiguan film-maker, Lawson Lewis, agreed to join us and we … Read the rest »