Is it Me? Or I?

Well, I’ve been back for almost a week, well. five days.  Five frantic, freezing days.  From 30C to 3C.  Bbrrrrr!

Still, my attitude to trips and holidays has become ‘think not with sadness that it is no more, but with gladness that it was’.  And I had a lovely time.

One of the things two long-haul flights and time to myself (sort of!) allowed me to do was catch up on my reading.  I read a couple of great books, a couple of mediocre ones and one that I didn’t enjoy at all.  But one thing that jumped out and hit me was the dire level of grammar and grasp of English in some of the books I read.  Admittedly, two of them were self-published, but as a self-publisher myself, surely the fact that you haven’t got an editor to go over it should make you even more careful when you write.  And there were mistakes in those that weren’t self-published, too.  Unforgiveable!  And please!  Don’t come back at me with all that – ‘grammar and correct spelling stifle creativity’  rubbish.  Why can’t writers be creative and literate?

I know that I’ve been guilty of typos, but they are now all put right (I hope!)

Among those mistakes that really get me are when I is used instead of me and amount instead of number.

I even read in the Mail Online a piece by Lucy Waterlow in which she wrote: “… said her and her sisters will support Linda.”   Shame on you!

That’s it!  Rant over!

Since I’ve been back I’ve had a lovely meal and theatre trip with No 1 Daughter – we saw the Bodyguard at the Adelphi, which I can thoroughly recommend.  My only question was: “Why was Jenny Murray looking so bloody miserable in the foyer?”

Enjoy your day – and don’t forget – copies of Sweet Lady, What’s Eating Me and Singles’ Holiday make wonderful Christmas presents!!

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