Disappointing Weather and Meeting Good Friends

It was really disappointing this morning when I opened the blinds to find there hadn’t been the promised overnight snowfall.  I’d envisaged sitting writing by the window, warm and cosy next to the radiator while a white, winter wonderland lay before me through the glass.  Not so!  There was just the thinnest dusting of snow on a couple of the cars which has since disappeared as the sun’s come out – even though it’s very cold.  And to think my friend M and I cancelled our lunchdate at Bluewater because we’d both believed the weatherman!  Never mind, we’ve rescheduled for next week and by this afternoon I might be eating my words!  I’m a bit strange compared to lots of people, in that I actually quite like winter.  That probably sounds strange coming from someone who’s spent most of her life in hot climates but I think that’s the reason for it; I love seeing the changing seasons, the glorious golds, browns and oranges of autumn and the short, cold, snowy days of winter.  Not sure I’d like to live somewhere really cold, though, like Scandinavia.  It’s the change and variety of the British climate that I love most.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had two great girlfriend-catchups this week, though.  The first was at the Rainforest Cafe in Shaftesbury Avenue with my friend S, who’s off to work in Egypt next week.  S is a real live wire; she’s great company, lively and vivacious and always makes me laugh.  I’m not sure if Egypt is ready for her, I have to say.  I can’t help feeling that the Arab Spring will pale into insignifigance when compared to the S Winter!!  Great to see and spend time with her, though.

And then yesterday I met up with L who I haven’t seen for almost twenty years, which is a ridiculous amount of time and far, far, too long to have spend away from someone I’m so fond of.  Oh, we’d kept in touch during that time with Christmas cards and the odd phone call, but seeing her again was just so lovely.  We met at Marylebone station, walked down to a restaurant in Baker Street and spent the next four and a half hours catching up.  I spent one of the best summers of my life with her in Corfu where we were both working as reps.  I met her parents that summer and afterwards and she met mine.  I went to her wedding and missed her second son’s christening because of adverse weather conditions in December 1991.  It was amazing just how much we remembered between us and how we just picked up as if it had been two weeks and not twenty years since we’d last met.  I travelled all the way back to Westcliff with a smile on my face.  And we’ve already made plans for seeing each other again soon.

Something else that put a smile on my face was the class I attended with Anna Scher on Friday night.  I rather fell by the wayside last year but am determined to attend on a much more regular basis this year.  The greatest thing was to see that just two weeks short of the forty-fifth annivery of the Anna Scher Theatre, Anna still packs them in.  Her reputation is second to none; so many successful UK actors owe their careers to her and the class was really large.  Can’t wait for this Friday!

A text message from the Daughter tells me they’re having a great time, which I’m so glad about.

And on my to-do list this week – get on with Singles in India and make plans for next visit to Antigua and getting Avocado Villa ready for holiday lets.

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