Practising Productivity

Today has been a very productive day.

I’ve just spent over two hours with Nick Campbell working on the script and sorting out production details for the staging of Singles’ Holiday; the first full-length production by the Actors’ Factory.

This is something new for me, as What’s Eating Me and Sweet Lady were plays that became books.  My second novel is about to become a play, doing things the other way round.  It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait for the script to be completed and the auditions to start and very satisfying, too.

I’m writing this with one eye on the French Open where Federer is trailing Gilles Simon two sets to one.  I’d love to see Simon win; Federer’s won enough.  It’s such a treat, though to be able to watch the Open on ITV without having to subscribe to a sport’s channel.

My news blackout is going well.  It’s surprising how my life used to evolve around watching it and reading it.  And I feel better for it – there is enough drama in my own life at the moment with trying to exchange and complete on the sale of Mum’s flat and move without watching and hearing and reading about everyone else’s bad luck and dramas.  The media manipulates.  End of.

Britain’s Got Talent also manipulates.  I can’t believe the response to Attraction.  The judges were crying??  People are posting on FB how they were in floods of tears??  Give me a break!  It’s a novel act but it left me cold, quite frankly (but then again so does the whole show which is why I rarely watch it).  The producers seemed to have made up their minds that these are the winners; they were the last act in the last semi-final – what a build-up!  And there were no children up against them either.  How unfair is that?  Other quality acts, like Band of Voices, have been robbed because children were in their semi.  MANIPULATION, People.  Manipulation.  And, of course, the word racist is spat at anyone who dares to suggest that perhaps Britain’s Got Talent should consist of British acts.

And the sugar-free lifestyle is going okay, thank you.  Once or twice I’ve thought ‘I could murder a Chunky KitKat’ but the moment’s passed.  Re-tests in a couple of weeks to see how I’m going.

Thanks for all your lovely comments and enquiries about Avocado Cottage.  I can’t wait to get back, although the sun’s actually been out in the Leigh-end of Westcliff today, so summer might be on its way!

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