Broadway Babe

Regular readers will have heard me sing Julie Barker’s praises before.  I have written about her talents as a choreographer (in Melabeau Productions’ Cinderella) and actress (in Melabeau Productions’ Vagina Monologues) and she shared her Hot Holidays! with us last year.  Well, as well as working as a choreographer and actress, Julie is also the principal of a large stage school – Tip Toes.

Julie has always been supportive to all her students and has actively encouraged them to audition for professional productions in Essex and the West End.  For years she has put troupes into professional and charity shows.  … Read the rest »

Smelly Memories

I am a ‘perfume-person’.  I have always loved wearing perfume and I have always tended to find a perfume I really like and then wear it for years.  This was the case with Mary Quant’s Havoc, which I wore all through my teens and early twenties, until they discontinued it.  I also wore Lancome’s Poeme for a long, long time, until I tired of it and it became hard to find as it is being discontinued, too.  So, I’ve been on a quest to find something I like.  Today I took myself off to Lakeside – Why????   Half of Essex … Read the rest »

The Amazing Adventures of Maisie and Em – ACTION!

What an exciting week it’s been!  After two years of planning we are finally shooting the pilot episode of the Amazing Adventures of Maisie and Em.  Heather Doram and I went onto ABS Television’s  breakfast programme, good Morning Antigua and Barbuda on Thursday as our characters.  It was a lot of fun as Maisie and Em flirted mercilessly with presenter   William Dorsett, who was a good sport and gave co-presenter the lovely Brucella Marsh a lot to deal with.  We then had a production meeting and ran our lines together Nd then with the producer and director and this morning … Read the rest »

Practising Productivity

Today has been a very productive day.

I’ve just spent over two hours with Nick Campbell working on the script and sorting out production details for the staging of Singles’ Holiday; the first full-length production by the Actors’ Factory.

This is something new for me, as What’s Eating Me and Sweet Lady were plays that became books.  My second novel is about to become a play, doing things the other way round.  It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait for the script to be completed and the auditions to start and very satisfying, too.

I’m writing this with one … Read the rest »

No News, Good News, Bad News

Even with my self-imposed news blackout, I couldn’t avoid the shocking news of Drummer Lee Rigby’s death.  It was beyond awful, beyond sick, beyond unbelievable.  What was even more awful, sick and unbelievable was that someone actually filmed the killer, covered in Lee’s blood spouting rubbish and that all sides of the media showed it, in the case of the newspapers on the front pages and in the case of TV channels on the News, time and time again before the Watershed. 

I was also sickened by the rants on social media; the hatred and the bitterness.  Yes, what happened … Read the rest »