Research, Wobbly Girl and a Train Ride to Nowhere

I’ve been forging ahead with Singles in India over the last couple of days, you’ll be pleased to hear.  I spent two hours yesterday afternoon researching wines of India.  It was quite fascinating and what I’d intended to be a quick look-up on the internet, turned into an in-depth read.  And what’s also interesting – well, to me at least! – is how fond I’m becoming of my characters.  Singles in India includes four characters my regular readers will already know from two of my previous books, plus a group of new ones.  I’d intended to have a couple of unlikeables and yet I find I’m getting to like them as I’m writing more about them. 

This has happened with Singles’ Holiday, too.  Now, the very talented Nick Campbell is at the moment in the process of turning it into a stage play.  I’d told him he could have a free hand, adding “I’m not precious at all about it.”  What was I saying????  We had a meeting last Sunday and when he told me who he was leaving out – it’s a large cast and not everyone can be included and we’ve had to leave out one whole storyline completely – I was devastated.  These are my babies after all!  I only had one child and one of the reasons was I could never imagine ever loving another child as much as I love the Daughter, although mothers of several children assured me that love grows and expands to other sprogs.  I now feel that perhaps they were right.  The thought of my characters being axed fills me with unease and I have to stop myself ringing Nick every ten minutes to find out what else he’s done.

I know he’ll make a fabulous job and that we’ll have a play that’s the dog’s doodahs.  But I’m a mother and I worry!

I’m writing this afternoon with one eye on Queen’s.  I love this time of year – French Open, Queens, Wimbledon.  I’m also writing wearing a fleece and socks.  I’m freezing.  I’ve had the heating on for the last three nights.  I’m trying not to think of the cost!  What happened to Global Warming?  I quite liked that.

This morning I had a train ride to nowhere.  I set off on the 10:17 from Westcliff, destination Primrose Hill to see my dentist the wonderful Vicky Lee at Primrose Dental Practice.  But as the train was pulling into West Ham I had a phone call to say that due to circumstances beyond their control I couldn’t have my appointment today.  So I leapt off the train at West Ham and three minutes later got one in the opposite direction, heading back home to Westcliff again.  Still, it was a pleasant little ride up and down the c2c track and killed an hour and a half!

I caught a bit of Loose Women today.  I only watch it when Janet Street-Porter’s on.  I love Janet.  I was totally taken by Francesca Martinez.  She’s a hilariously funny comedienne who happens to have cerebal palsy.  She refers to herself as a wobbly girl, because that’s what she considers herself to be and “It’s easier to say”.  She’s absolutely inspirational; told the story of being bullied at school and consequently dreadfully unhappy until she woke up one day and decided to stop judging herself by other people’s standards and to be who she is with no apologies.  Good for her!  She’s inspirational and is on national tour at the moment.

And tomorrow I have to go for tests again to see what’s happening with the diabetes.  I’ve been eating healthily for three weeks so let’s hope it’s made a difference.

Well, as always it’s been a pleasure – but I have to get back to Singles in India and see what they’ve been getting up to without me.  Oh, dear!  Andy Murray’s just come on court.  Perhaps the singles can manage on their own for a couple of hours more!

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