Wanna Be My Friend, Janet?

Janet Street-Porter is a Marmite celebrity; with her forthright views, distinctive, quirky look and abhorence of being hugged by anyone outside her immediate circle, you love her or you can’t stand her.  I fall into the former category.  I admire her for being herself and telling it as it is and I tend to only watch Loose Women when she’s on the panel.

Janet comes across as a strong woman with a large circle of friends so I was a bit surprised to find out that she’s admitted to being lonely.  Apparently a couple of months ago she realised she … Read the rest »

Double Dose of Willie S and a Dash of Loose Women

Last week was a busy one and an enjoyably busy one at that.

The week started off with a dose of Shakespeare in the form of The Winter’s Tale at the pictures.  I went along to see the film of the Kenneth Branagh Theatre live performance – http://www.branaghtheatre.com/the-winters-tale/ – with the man himself taking the role of Leontes and Dame Judi as Paulina, which is part of his Plays at the Garrick season. And very enjoyable it was, too. It took a little while to start, much to my chagrin, having rushed and huffed and puffed to get there. How … Read the rest »

A Family of Loose Women

Didn’t we have a lovely time the night that we went round Carol’s!  As a grammar-nazi I feel that should have a question mark but I’ve decided to give it an exclamation mark instead, because we did, have the most amazing night, with all the Cousins.  Female cousins that is, not that we have anything against the males ones.  Sometimes, you just need some girly time!

I am blessed to have loads and loads of cousins.  My dad was the seventh of eleven children. It was a close family and growing up I spent lots of time with the Cousins.  … Read the rest »


Remembrance Day.  And observing the silence, as Big Ben struck eleven o’clock, whilst looking at the poppy display on TV, I shed my usual tears.  My iPad has been awash with poppies and the words written a hundred years ago – although no less potent or poignant for that – by the Trench Poets……..

They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old.  At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we shall remember them.

For your tomorrow, we gave our today.

If I should die, think only this of me.  There is a Read the rest »

Research, Wobbly Girl and a Train Ride to Nowhere

I’ve been forging ahead with Singles in India over the last couple of days, you’ll be pleased to hear.  I spent two hours yesterday afternoon researching wines of India.  It was quite fascinating and what I’d intended to be a quick look-up on the internet, turned into an in-depth read.  And what’s also interesting – well, to me at least! – is how fond I’m becoming of my characters.  Singles in India includes four characters my regular readers will already know from two of my previous books, plus a group of new ones.  I’d intended to have a couple of … Read the rest »

Sofa Day!!

I’m nursing a really nasty cold (all together now – “Ahhhhh!”).  So, I’m wallowing in the luxury of a SOFA DAY.  I’m on the sofa, with Loose Women playing softly in the background – Anthea’s accepting responsibility for Grant’s infidelity, what utter rubbish! -, dressing gown on, heating turned up, lamb doing in the slow-cooker, overdosing on Lemsip.

I’ve had a hectic few days – the birthday was lovely.  The Daughter, bless her, bought me a much wanted DVD player and Series One of Mrs Brown’s Boys to go with it.  I’ve already watched half the episodes, laughing out loud … Read the rest »