Encounters of the Bovine Kind

Last Thursday afternoon I needed to go into St John’s to get a few odds and ends. I walked down the lane and sat on the little wall under the huge tamarind tree to wait for the bus. It was a glorious afternoon, hot and sunny, the sky the brightest of blues with billows of white cloud here and there but the breeze was minimal. So I sat under the tree, fanning myself with my hand to try and cool down, while clutching my new shopping, free bags.

Aren’t they nice? Antigua went plastic-bag-free on lst July and the supermarkets … Read the rest »

Career Change

I said he’d do it in four, but it only took Andy Murray three sets to win Wimbledon again. Yay! And what a day it was for British tennis! (Never thought I’d be typing that!!) Not only did Andy win the Men’s Singles, Heather Watson, with dishy Finn Henri Kontinen beside her, won the Mixed Doubles. And, Jordanne Wiley won the Ladies Wheelchair Doubles, with Yui Kamiji of Japan. AND, Gordon Reid won not only the Men’s Wheelchair Singles but the Doubles as well! What an achievement!

I’m at a bit of a loose end this morning as it’s all … Read the rest »

Mangoes, Middle Sunday and the Daughter Goes Viral

Yes, what a thing! The Daughter stopped in her tracks on Friday as she was whizzing through Waterloo Station at her usual pace when she saw the Ghost Soldiers – each one representing a soldier who actually died at the Battle of the Somme, 1st July 1916.  She was so moved, she took a photo of them.

And it actually went viral – more than 2.1million views. As she said herself #anythingKimcando These are the kind of pictures that should “break” the internet, in my opinion. Not Kim Kardashian’s bum. Which is actually smaller than mine, by the way!

Well, … Read the rest »

Buried in Bluebells and Caroline’s Colours

This week started with the news of yet another death, this time of my friend and colleague Mark’s dad.  Life has thrown a lot at Mark in the last few years and I really feel for him for his loss.  And perhaps it was that, plus a visit on Father’s Day to my own parents’ grave that got me thinking about my own death, especially about the funeral.

Sorting out my Mum’s funeral, and then all her stuff, was extremely stressful and that was with sharing the load with the Sister and the Brother.  My own darling Daughter is an … Read the rest »

Whirling Around and Watching Wimbledon

Well!  It’s been a funny old week and a half at what is almost turning into Wimblegeddon.  After all the injuries and shock-exits of last week – drum roll – Serena Williams out in the fourth round!  Who would have thought it?  I know that Sabine Lisicki is a good player; she’s put out big names in previous Wimbledons, including Sharapova and Li Na.  But Serena?   The list of quarter-finalists would probably have got you odds of 5000-1 before the championship started.  And it’s a bit like that in the men’s draw, too, although at least there the No 1 … Read the rest »

Research, Wobbly Girl and a Train Ride to Nowhere

I’ve been forging ahead with Singles in India over the last couple of days, you’ll be pleased to hear.  I spent two hours yesterday afternoon researching wines of India.  It was quite fascinating and what I’d intended to be a quick look-up on the internet, turned into an in-depth read.  And what’s also interesting – well, to me at least! – is how fond I’m becoming of my characters.  Singles in India includes four characters my regular readers will already know from two of my previous books, plus a group of new ones.  I’d intended to have a couple of … Read the rest »

Law of Attraction in Action

Three years ago my good friend B gave me The Secret  in CD form for Christmas.  I became hooked immediately not just because it made sense to me, but because so much of it tied in with the spiritual beliefs I’ve held for a long, long time.  I am not religious.  I do not understand religious fervour.  I do not need a group of men – and all religions are male-dominated and male-led – to tell me what I should and shouldn’t believe or how I should live my life and what might happen to me after I’ve died if … Read the rest »