Hell Freezes Over

It suddenly occurred to me on Friday night, just how long it is since I was last in Spain.  And how much I miss it.  The Sister and I went to celebrate a birthday dinner with our friend D in La Tasca at Lakeside, along with three other friends and we had a fabulous evening.  The place was buzzing – good job we booked!  The waiter was attractive as only a Spanish waiter can be; the food was excellent; the cava sangria divine and the company smashing.  We laughed and laughed and laughed about old times spent in Ibiza as D not only spent a summer as our au-pair, but her parents and another friend who was present S, spent lots of holidays there with us.  Good times we had and it all made me long for a trip back to Spain, for the smell of Moussel shower gel and Maja cologne, for eating out, paella on the beach.  Yes, I think a short-break to Spain is definitely on the cards soon.

Since my last blog I’ve had two meetings with wonderful women connected to my writing; one Kim Nash, I met up with here in Hadleigh last weekend.  It was a joy to finally meet her and discuss the way forward with my writing career.  And the second was author Nicola May, who I “met” over the phone this afternoon.  One subject of our conversation was Singles In India and it’s been decided to change the title – watch this space!  Nicola is a highly-successful writer and I relished every second of our conversation and the help and advice she was able to offer.  But, it was also amazing to find out we’re both Pisceans with birthdays one day apart!  How cool is that?  This is the Universe responding to my wishes.  I just love it when that happens!

And tomorrow, there’s a very important production meeting at Melabeau Productions – big plans for this year that we’re going to make happen and bring to fruition with Singles’ Holiday, panto and other productions.  Once again – watch this space!

Some great news about the Daughter that I’m chuffed about; she won Star of the Month at work, which she richly deserves as she works so hard and it’s very satisfying to see her efforts being recognised. :))

I had a great morning of drama teaching today.  Obviously, the atmosphere at Stages Studios is one of sadness due to the tragic loss of Martine.  But we all got on with our classes today and I actually came out with a smile on my face.  The quality of the work produced was so good and the students are all brilliant, talented and funny.  It makes it all worthwhile.

And…… during the recent spell of inclement weather, I saw that a town in US called Hell was under ice.  Well, on Thursday I received an e-mail from my attorney in Antigua telling me that in order to avoid an arrest warrant being issued, the film company that owe me a fortune for writing Paradise View, deposited some money for me in his office. Not a huge amount, but something at least – the first payment in fifteen months.

Hell has indeed, frozen over!

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3 thoughts on “Hell Freezes Over

  1. The way you described your meal out made me wish I’d joined you! Sounds like you’ve had quite a week that’s not over yet! It really was so great to meet you last weekend. So pleased to be helping you on your writing journey! Xx

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