Wonderful Women and will.i.wish

I was so pleased and proud to hear that my dear friend Julie Carter had been nominated for a Community Award by Thurrock Council and then thrilled and delighted to find out that she had won!  Julie truly deserves this.  She has brought so much to the borough over the years with her fab performing arts school, Tip Toe, and her pre-school Scallywags.  Her commitment to children and young people is second to none and in an age where so many young people hang about doing nothing, claiming they’re bored and getting into trouble, she offers them other options.  Julie is a talented choreographer, singer and actress and I couldn’t be more excited for her.  Congratulation, Julie!

It’s only a short time, too since another dear friend, Anna Scher, was awarded an MBE, which was long overdue, and, of course, recently the Daughter got her own star on the wall at o2.  I consider myself blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful women whose worth is actually being recognised. Yes!!

This week I’m looking forward to celebrating the Sister’s birthday, which is rather a special one, too.  She’s another Wonderful Woman, caring, kind and talented and one that I’m proud to call my Sister.

And the art work should be ready for Singles and Spice Later in the week.mI’m getting very excited as launch day approaches.  There’s a blog-tour of Singles’ Holiday at the moment.  Exciting? Ye-es, but a bit nerve-wracking, too just suddenly being in the hands of people who may love or loathe my precious book!  Still, nobody twisted my arm to do it.   I’m holding tight and enjoying the roller-coaster ride.

I watched a bit of TV last night.  I’d watched the Voice only once before and that was the previous week, and I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised.  I thoroughly dislike BGT and X-Factor, which are on a par with paying your penny to see the inmates in the asylum. And there’s only so much teenage “I’ve wanted this all my life” angst that I can take.  But I think the best thing about the Voice is the Judges.  Kylie, the World’s Sweetheart; Ricky, down-to-earth and knows what he’s talking about; Tom Jones, megastar, showing the rock world how to grow older in a dignified yet still very sexy way!  And no rivalry or bitching among them.  I surprised myself by enjoying it.  And will.i.am?  Will.i.wish and will.i.so.would!  Love him!

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