“Good Morning, Everyone!”

The biggest ‘problem’ I’ve got here is not having a car. I used to have an old, but very nice, dark blue Hyundai, but it went to that great scrapyard in the sky a couple of years ago. Actually, someone bought it from there and did it up and put things right and now it’s a lovely car – but no longer mine! So, I get a lift wherever I can, hire a car for the odd day or go on the bus.
Today was such a day. I wanted to pay my electricity bill before Monday so that I’d … Read the rest »

The Earth Moved For Me

On Saturday morning at about 7.20 I was lying in bed listening to Graham Norton when the bed started shaking. I need to point out here, that apart from Graham’s virtual presence I was all alone (sad, I know!) so this sudden, not to mention, unexpected, movement took me by surprise. I sat up rather quickly (that’s usually how I get my kicks nowadays) and could actually see the door-frame wobble. Earthquake!!

The whole thing was over in about ten seconds but it was quite disconcerting, especially as at first I’d thought it was only a tremor, only to be … Read the rest »

Wonderful Women and will.i.wish

I was so pleased and proud to hear that my dear friend Julie Carter had been nominated for a Community Award by Thurrock Council and then thrilled and delighted to find out that she had won!  Julie truly deserves this.  She has brought so much to the borough over the years with her fab performing arts school, Tip Toe, and her pre-school Scallywags.  Her commitment to children and young people is second to none and in an age where so many young people hang about doing nothing, claiming they’re bored and getting into trouble, she offers them other options.  Julie … Read the rest »