The Law of Compensation – Rough and Smooth

Life has one undeniable Law to keep us grounded, I find: the Law of Compensation.

This is such a wonderful, exciting time for me.  We are deep into rehearsals for Singles’ Holiday and to see it all taking shape is amazing.  And we are blessed and so fortunate to have Peter Dean and Donovan Christian-Cary join the cast.  Working alongside them is a joy and we are all learning so much.  And as a writer, suddenly ‘meeting’ your characters is a strange, yet wonderfully fulfilling, experience.  It’s at the Brentwood Theatre, 13-17 October.

And, Single All The Way is now having all the technical stuff done to it so that it will soon be available in paperback and on Kindle!  Exciting! And it’s with several reviewers who will bring out their reviews to coincide with the launch.  Scary!

And, the Daughter is back from her holiday looking well and wonderful and it was so lovely to have lunch and a catch-up with her this week.  I just wish we saw more of each other…I miss having her around, but that’s what happens when your children grow up strong and independent; they move away.

But, there have been a few downers, including a very distressing series of events with the Cousin (oops! Nearly typed something else there!) which has meant I’ve had to look for somewhere to live again.   And someone has carved a pattern of swirls on my car with their keys.  Mindless!  All very stressful and something has to give and unfortunately, I’m in bed today, feeling rough, rough, rough, with a sore throat, raving temperature and a top lip full of cold sores, which I only ever get when I’m run down.  Some TLC is the order of the day and I’m taking care of me and my needs.

That said, I’m delighted and very grateful to say the mammogram I jokingly complained about last blog has come back negative – worth all the painful contortionism – and an old friend really rallied to help me this week, for which I am also extremely thankful.

And now that Single All The Way is (almost) In the bag and the Singles’ Trilogy is brought to an end, my thoughts turn to my next book….


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