Halloween – Bah! Humbug!

I heartily dislike Halloween.  I always knew it had its roots in Paganism and then early Christianity, but certainly when I was growing up it wasn’t celebrated – if celebrated is the right word for scaring the wits out of people and demanding sweets with menaces. And all the years I lived in Spain, we marked the following day, 1st November, El Dia de los Muertos  The Day of the Dead, by going to the cemetery and enjoying a bank holiday.  I grew up with Guy Fawkes – although I accept that burning an effigy in remembrance and celebration … Read the rest »

My Left Hand

So, it’s tomorrow.   My hand operation.  The one that was cancelled in March and then again in June.  I will admit to being somewhat apprehensive, especially as I’ve been warned ‘it will be a little bit sore’.  I mean, if a doctor or nurse actually admits that much it probably means that someone like me, with the lowest pain threshold in the world, will find it excruciating.  So I’m already telling myself that I will be comfortable and at ease after the op.  Naughty Elaine, who sits on my shoulder and tries to get into my head, keeps on shouting … Read the rest »

The Law of Compensation – Rough and Smooth

Life has one undeniable Law to keep us grounded, I find: the Law of Compensation.

This is such a wonderful, exciting time for me.  We are deep into rehearsals for Singles’ Holiday and to see it all taking shape is amazing.  And we are blessed and so fortunate to have Peter Dean and Donovan Christian-Cary join the cast.  Working alongside them is a joy and we are all learning so much.  And as a writer, suddenly ‘meeting’ your characters is a strange, yet wonderfully fulfilling, experience.  It’s at the Brentwood Theatre, 13-17 October.   http://www.brentwood-theatre.co.uk/showdetail.php?seq=665

And, Single All The Way is … Read the rest »

Fingers and Newly Pedicured Toes Crossed

My iPad has been playing up, hence my silence on the blog.  It’s thrown out my hotmail and is taking slow to another level.  Two nights ago I fell asleep as it was buffering so long while I was waiting to comment on someone’s post on Facebook.  So, if you’ve e-mailed me or messaged me and I haven’t replied, my apologies, and this is the reason why.  It’s also messed up my Skype.  I’ve Skyped the Daughter several times and can see it’s ringing on the screen, yet she tells me it’s not ringing and her Skype has no record … Read the rest »

From Upper Class to Cattle

Well, what a whistlestop trip it was!  On Wednesday lunchtime I left Stansted to fly to Ibiza on business, stayed over night and came back Thursday evening.

There was a gasp and a sharp intake of breath from the Daughter when I said I was flying Ryanair.  “Are you mad?” She asked me.  What a way to speak to your mother!  But she had a terrible ordeal at Ryanair’s hands a couple of years ago and vowed never to travel with them again, and she hasn’t.  I was very apprehensive, especially as my Because-I’m-Worth-It philosophy has meant that I haven’t … Read the rest »

Didn’t We Have a Luvverly Time?

Well!  What a day Friday 14th was!  My birthday, of course, along with the Younger Nephew who was 15 (I was slightly older) and I thank everyone for the beautiful cards, presents, messages, flowers which made me feel loved and cherished.  I had a great lunch with the Sister and the Daughter; lovely to spend time with my two favourite ladies!

But it was also THE LAUNCH PARTY!  In case you didn’t hear: the Kindle launch of SINGLES AND SPICE, my fourth novel. And we had a ball!  The wonderful Kim Nash was the organiser and a fabulous job she … Read the rest »

We Have Lift-off!

Yay!  I am beyond thrilled to announce that my fourth novel, Singles and Spice, the second of the Singles’ Trilogy, is available as of tomorrow, 14th March, in Kindle version.  Here is the link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Singles-Spice-Trilogy-Elaine-Spires-ebook/dp/B00IWZ60MW/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1394746137&sr=1-1&keywords=Singles+and+spice

The paperback version will be out on 4th April.

For several chances to win a signed copy of the paperback, join the launch party on my Facebook page from 9am tomorrow!

Thanks for your continued support!… Read the rest »