My Left Hand

So, it’s tomorrow.   My hand operation.  The one that was cancelled in March and then again in June.  I will admit to being somewhat apprehensive, especially as I’ve been warned ‘it will be a little bit sore’.  I mean, if a doctor or nurse actually admits that much it probably means that someone like me, with the lowest pain threshold in the world, will find it excruciating.  So I’m already telling myself that I will be comfortable and at ease after the op.  Naughty Elaine, who sits on my shoulder and tries to get into my head, keeps on shouting out ‘Liar!’ but we’re not paying her any attention.  After all, she was the one that kept on telling me that Singles’ Holiday was going to bomb.  ‘You’ll play to an empty theatre every night.’  ‘And even if anyone does come to see it, they won’t laugh.’  ‘Feedback and reviews will be terrible.’  ‘You’ll never manage to stage it.’  And on and on and on, she went.


Singles’ Holiday was a success on every level – beyond my wildest dreams!  Yes, a few little things went awry, but we covered them up.  Audience reaction was amazingly positive.  On the last night it was standing-room only and that was an amazing feeling.  To all those of you who came to see it – and I was honoured and humbled at how far some people had travelled! – thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me.  And to answer the question that’s been asked over and over again since last week – yes, we are moving forward with it.  Watch this space.

And no sooner had the curtain come down on Singles’ Holiday than we went into our first rehearsal for Cinderella, Melabeau Productions’ panto at the Brookside Theatre, Romford 18-28 December.  I was very pleased and satisfied with the first read-through by our talented cast and also with the dance-routine I watched our choreographer and musical director Julie Barker putting our dancers through.  Already it has the feel of a great production and I am so excited about it!

I’m also excited about the launch of SINGLE ALL THE WAY, the third of the Singles’ Trilogy, which is Friday 24th October!  It has already been available on Kindle for two weeks, but for those of you that like a ‘proper’ book, you’ll be able to get a paperback to have and to hold in your little hands from the end of this week.  Available

Changing the subject completely, I read an interesting article about Shirley Conran this morning.  People are surprised because she’s talking about enjoying sex in her eighties.  And why not?  After all, the fear of pregnancy isn’t hanging over her head, is it?  it’s always made me laugh how young people think that sex stops at about thirty-five.  Until they get to thirty-five, of course!  Sex and the mature woman is a subject I’ve tackled in my books – especially Sweet Lady and the Singles’ Trilogy.  Much is made of (whisper it) menopause.  Women are supposed to completely go off sex after that.  Sorry – have I missed something?  Yes, menopause does bring its own issues, such as nightime sweats – not very romantic but you can always sleep in the spare bed after you’ve done the business – or dryness.  But surely, the answer to that is just being with the right man, isn’t it?  Older women be like ‘I still love sex!’

And I can’t end this blogpost without mentioning the sad, sad news that Lynda Bellingham died today.  I actually said ‘Oh, no!’ out loud when I saw the news this morning.  I didn’t know her, I never met her, but somehow I felt that I’d lost a friend.  And I feel so, so, sorry that she didn’t make it to Christmas because that was all she wanted; a final Christmas with her family.  The Universe works in strange ways.  Perhaps it would have all been too sad for her husband and sons to bear, but it doesn’t seem much to have granted her, does it?  RIP  Lynda.

And, just to add that I will do my best to blog one-handed after the op.  I’ve been told I won’t be able to do things such as drive for up to six weeks (arggg!) but also that typing is good physiotherapy.  Rest assured, I’ll do my best to keep in touch.

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5 thoughts on “My Left Hand

  1. Hello Elaine,

    I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your books, especially singles holiday, i really laughed out loud, alot.
    Looking forward to the third.

    I’me suprised our paths havn’t crossed, i was born in Barking and moved to Antigua in the mid eighties.

    You clearly have Great local knowledge of Antigua and I loved the ‘east end quotes’ that reminded me of things my dear old nan.

    Im off to download now.

    Good luck with your hand operation, i hope its not your writing hand.

    Kind Regards


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