Reading and Riding

I’ve got wheels! Whoopee! After being fairly cut-off due to lack of transport – Five Islands isn’t exactly a back-water but it’s nice to have the convenience of a vehicle at your disposal – I’ve now got the use of a car. My friend R is in UK for a while and has kindly given me use of her car while she’s away.
It is like FREEDOM!!
I went for a little drive yesterday evening. Just because I could!
There’s a problem today, though, in that it won’t start 🙁 It needed a jump yesterday but that’s normal when the car hasn’t been driven for over two months and I took it to get the battery checked and they said it was fine. But today……nada! But as the Fella says, ‘You can go to bed fine one night and wake up feeling bad the next morning.’ So, following his thoughtful observation, I’m getting R’s mechanic to come and take a look and am being very grateful for the use of a car, even if it won’t start today.

I actually shouldn’t be driving off anywhere, I’ve got lots and lots of writing to do. I finally got back to work on Singles At Sea this week after a break of almost a month. And my first task has been to read what I’ve written so far, which is two hundred and thirty-nine pages. It’s a slow old process; it seems as if almost every sentence needs editing. Isn’t it strange that something you were happy with a short while ago now jars? I went to An Audience With Willy Russell many years ago and he said that writers never stop tweaking and editing their work, even years after it’s been published and he’s right! Not that I’m putting myself in the same category as him, although why not? LOL! So, I’m going right through it now – it’s a bloody good read if I do say so myself! – and then will go full pelt to finish it as quickly as possible. I promise.

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