Private Jet? Almost!

What a difference thirty years made! Regular readers will remember my post from last year- The Great Escape – in which I shared what happened on 18th June 1986 when I left Ibiza with my four-year-old.

In that post I explained we had one battered, loaned suitcase containing a change of clothes for the Daughter and a clean pair of knickers for myself.

Yesterday, we came back.

The Daughter with our six pieces of luggage of which only the small red one was mine.

The Daughter is moving back to her roots and I came along to help. As you can see, we have slightly more than one case this time- but only the little, red one is mine!

Because I knew she would have loads of stuff I used some of my Avios (air miles) and we flew Business Class from London City Airport, which gave us an allowance of four 32kg cases, for the grand sum of £25 each! As it turned out, we were the only ones in Business; we had the whole section to ourselves. We spread out and were waited on hand and foot by the cabin service manager.  It was like being on a private jet. Well, I imagine it was as I’ve only ever been on a private plane once, years ago and it was a Navajo, so we sat with the pilot, a bit like Biggles.  But yesterday!  Wow!  I could get used to that.  And I couldn’t help thinking, “What a difference from when we left!”.

I’m returning BA to London next Monday, Business again and I just can’t wait. Especially as the return ticket only cost me £8.80!! Bring it on!

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