Meeting Place

I love Epicurean! For those not familiar with Antigua, let me explain. Epicurean is a huge supermarket, the size of a Tesco Superstore. I love it because you can find almost everything you want in there, including Waitrose own-brand products. They also sell Duchy stuff, but I don’t touch that with a bargepole, given who the owns the company. I love it because it’s big, big, big and I usually do two or three circuits of it in air-conditioned comfort as a nod to exercise before I start my shop.

One thing I don’t like is its prices! Especially … Read the rest »

Butterflies, Christmas Baubles and Feminists

I’m taking advantage of dropping anchor on Singles At Sea (see what I did there?) as the laptop is charging to catch up on my journal. Just to explain that my extension lead had ceased to work and the socket is too far from the table for me to write while the laptop’s plugged in. So here I am in the iPad, giving you a quick look at the last week or so.

It’s butterfly season at the moment. Every day dozens of pretty pale yellow butterflies are all over the garden, until I grab the camera and they disappear! … Read the rest »

Spiritual Healing

I have absolutely no truck whatsoever with religion.  ‘The opium of the people’, brainwashing, call it what you will, it is not for me and I do not understand those who follow religions, or whose faith makes them intolerant of others.  Rather like the political bigot, the religious bigot is blinded to the fact that they possess the very traits they criticise in others.  And, all those religions that I have come across have been laid down by men and these religions always place women in an inferior, subservient role.

However, I am a spiritual person.  I believe that there … Read the rest »