Hashtag Hypocrites

Allow me to be ‘political’ to start with today, please.

Over the last few weeks with campaigns such as Stephen’s Story, we’ve seen the power of the hashtag as it was used throughout social media to raise over £3 million for Teenage Cancer.  It was heartwarming to see just how involved people became, moved by the story of Stephen Sutton, and how social media was used for the power of good.  During the last few days another campaign has started up – #bringbackourgirls, which refers to the kidnap in Nigeria of more than 200 schoolgirls by the Islamic fundamentalist group … Read the rest »

My X-Factor X-it!

I cannot take it any more.

First of all, Louis chooses two – not one but TWO – One Direction clone-boybands and leaves out the amazing Times Red. Then Tulisa leaves out the fabulous Leanne to take Jade, who perhaps has a “better” back story – she’s a single mum living in a tower block (yawn!).
Then, Jahmene, who in bootcamp gave the worst performance of faking nerves I’ve ever seen and something called Rylan (oh, God! he had to be from Essex, didn’t he? We’re really quite nice and normal here although you’d never think so if you only … Read the rest »