Hashtag Hypocrites

Allow me to be ‘political’ to start with today, please.

Over the last few weeks with campaigns such as Stephen’s Story, we’ve seen the power of the hashtag as it was used throughout social media to raise over £3 million for Teenage Cancer.  It was heartwarming to see just how involved people became, moved by the story of Stephen Sutton, and how social media was used for the power of good.  During the last few days another campaign has started up – #bringbackourgirls, which refers to the kidnap in Nigeria of more than 200 schoolgirls by the Islamic fundamentalist group … Read the rest »

Rehearsed Reading and Ridley Road

It’s been a rewarding, busy time for me lately, I’m pleased to report.

Last Wednesday was spent rehearsing for Thursday’s Rehearsed Reading of Singles Holiday, the play, which took place at the Wenlock & Essex in Islington.  It was exciting to feel the play coming to life and I love what director Dave Milner is bringing to the production and performing to an audience for the first time, all be it a small one, gave the rehearsal vibrancy.  I can’t wait until we’re into rehearsals-proper and am very much looking forward to October when we are performing at the Brentwood … Read the rest »

Superman Stephen

I defy anyone not to have been moved by the courageous story of Stephen Sutton, the teenager suffering from terminal bowel cancer whose appeal has now surpassed two million pounds.  https://www.justgiving.com/stephen-sutton-TCT

It’s not just the fact that this amazing young man has managed to do this, but also his indomitable spirit.  When diagnosed he set up a bucket list of forty-odd targets and has managed to tick off thirty-five of them.  In an interview given in front of his mum he said he had loads of motivation and little time and so he wanted to pass some of his motivation … Read the rest »