Halloween – Bah! Humbug!

I heartily dislike Halloween.  I always knew it had its roots in Paganism and then early Christianity, but certainly when I was growing up it wasn’t celebrated – if celebrated is the right word for scaring the wits out of people and demanding sweets with menaces. And all the years I lived in Spain, we marked the following day, 1st November, El Dia de los Muertos  The Day of the Dead, by going to the cemetery and enjoying a bank holiday.  I grew up with Guy Fawkes – although I accept that burning an effigy in remembrance and celebration … Read the rest »


Having the flu jab last week gave me mild flu-like symptoms for a few days. Last night I felt under par and so went in for a bit of self-nurturing – snuggled on settee, wrapped in duvet, sipping hot chocolate and watching Poirot.

I love Poirot.  And Miss Marple.  I’ve always wanted to be in one, oh not as a lead – I know my place! – but as Cook.  Physically I’m ideal and I could always see myself in mop cap and apron, worriedly kneading dough whilst uttering the immortal line “Lord above!  We’ll never get Her Ladyship’s lunch … Read the rest »