I Was Very Brave


For a while now I’ve had a few nasty little things appearing on my skin, the almost inevitable outcome of a fair, English skin spending a long time in sunny climes. Last August my GP sent me to Queen’s Hospital to see the dermatologist who organised a biopsy, which found it was a BCC, also known as a rodent ulcer, and said I’d be called to have it removed. By the time I left at the end of February, I was still waiting, a probable casualty of the series of junior doctor strikes.

Anyway, once here, I went to see … Read the rest »

It’s Happening!

It’s happening.  It is actually happening.  Singles’ Holiday, the stageplay, is happening!  After so many months of writing, re-writing, read-throughs, auditions, meetings, hoping and dreaming, it will soon be performed on stage.  I am trembling with excitement!

How lucky am I?  It is an author’s dream to see their work come to life – certainly it has been this author’s dream for a long, long time.  I was excited at the various read-throughs we had but tonight… tonight we all got together and suddenly – there it was!  I am truly blessed.  I know that the next three weeks will … Read the rest »