Career Change

I said he’d do it in four, but it only took Andy Murray three sets to win Wimbledon again. Yay! And what a day it was for British tennis! (Never thought I’d be typing that!!) Not only did Andy win the Men’s Singles, Heather Watson, with dishy Finn Henri Kontinen beside her, won the Mixed Doubles. And, Jordanne Wiley won the Ladies Wheelchair Doubles, with Yui Kamiji of Japan. AND, Gordon Reid won not only the Men’s Wheelchair Singles but the Doubles as well! What an achievement!

I’m at a bit of a loose end this morning as it’s all … Read the rest »

Parked Up Sidekick Alley

Last week it was such a refreshing surprise to hear a woman’s voice on Radio 2.  Jeremy Vine was off on his hols and Vanessa Feltz was sitting in for him.  It had dawned on me a few days earlier that Radio 2 has male presenters on the whole day through; Chris Evans, Ken Bruce, Jeremy Vine, Steve Wright and Simon Mayo.  Poor old Vanessa gets the up-at-dawn-slot of 5-7.30am and then the only other female voices heard from then on are giving the traffic news or occasionally reading the news.  Janice Long gets midnight.  The only female I can … Read the rest »

No News, Good News, Bad News

Even with my self-imposed news blackout, I couldn’t avoid the shocking news of Drummer Lee Rigby’s death.  It was beyond awful, beyond sick, beyond unbelievable.  What was even more awful, sick and unbelievable was that someone actually filmed the killer, covered in Lee’s blood spouting rubbish and that all sides of the media showed it, in the case of the newspapers on the front pages and in the case of TV channels on the News, time and time again before the Watershed. 

I was also sickened by the rants on social media; the hatred and the bitterness.  Yes, what happened … Read the rest »