In Pain!

Ouch!   Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!

I’ve had toothache for several days; one of the big ones right at the back 🙁 and it’s sending a throbbing pain all up my jaw.  Oh, woe is me!!   I have a pain-threshold that is about minus fifteen on a scale of one to ten, so I’ve been taking loads of pain-killers resulting in me floating through the week and seeing the world through a haze.  Finally, this morning I went along to see the dentist only for her to tell me she couldn’t extract it as it’s infected. 😭😭😭 So it’s a week … Read the rest »

The Earth Moved For Me

On Saturday morning at about 7.20 I was lying in bed listening to Graham Norton when the bed started shaking. I need to point out here, that apart from Graham’s virtual presence I was all alone (sad, I know!) so this sudden, not to mention, unexpected, movement took me by surprise. I sat up rather quickly (that’s usually how I get my kicks nowadays) and could actually see the door-frame wobble. Earthquake!!

The whole thing was over in about ten seconds but it was quite disconcerting, especially as at first I’d thought it was only a tremor, only to be … Read the rest »

Touristy Things, Filming and a Marriage Proposal

I know I’ve been quiet since arriving at Avocado Cottage but that’s because I’ve actually been doing lots of touristy things with my good pal V who’s visiting for a week.  And in being a tourist again I’ve had a really great time and fallen in love with Antigua all over again.

I suppose it’s because doing things like going to the beach on your own are not much fun; especially for someone like me whose tolerance to the sun has become less and less over the years until lying on the beach for a long time becomes torture.  But … Read the rest »

Jolly Good Day

Today I behaved like a tourist.

I decided to spend the day at the Jolly Beach Resort, on a Day Pass   It’s more than ten years since I went to JBR for the first time, back in July 2003 and two years to the month that I took my last singles’ group there.  Of course, I didn’t know then that it was going to be my last ever job; my mum had just been diagnosed with cancer and I was on what I thought was compassionate leave when I was fired for writing my novel, Singles’ Holiday.

As it turned … Read the rest »