Gorgeous George and the Girls from See Saw Lane

Wednesday is usually Rubbish TV Night of the Week for me. It’s the night when I watch another episode of The Wire. I only came to The Wire quite recently and am halfway through Series 3 at the moment (or Season 3 as the Americans call it.) So it has been with great joy that I’ve started watching Cuffs on BBC1 at 8pm on Wednesdays. It’s like The Bill, but brought up to date and set in Brighton. It’s a bit PC – Ha Ha! Didn’t intend that pun but it’s actually quite funny. I crack myself up sometimes -and … Read the rest »

Hello, Again, Hello!

Well, hello!

I am finally allowed a little ‘light’ typing from today on so my first thought was to get back to my blog and update what’s been happening to me.  My knuckle-replacement surgery went successfully; I was very well looked after on Mayflower Ward of The Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford and in the operating theatre by Ms Zweifel.  I had local anaesthetic, like last time, and the pre-med did its job even better as I was unaware of the sawing this time. I even woke myself up snoring – twice!  (I was lying flat on my back I have to … Read the rest »