Very Christmas

Well, as Christmases go, it was awesome. Great. Brilliant. Magic. Sick. It was a Very Christmas!
And I can’t believe it’s all over after the weeks of preparation and looking forward to it. Although, I leave the tree up until 2nd or 3rd January and I burn candles all through the winter as I love candlelight, so it still seems very Christmassy in my little living-room.
Although I’ve spent most of my life in warm climates, surrounded by sunshine, the run-up to Christmas in UK is my favourite time of year. I enjoy the dark evenings and seeing all the … Read the rest »

Hello, Again, Hello!

Well, hello!

I am finally allowed a little ‘light’ typing from today on so my first thought was to get back to my blog and update what’s been happening to me.  My knuckle-replacement surgery went successfully; I was very well looked after on Mayflower Ward of The Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford and in the operating theatre by Ms Zweifel.  I had local anaesthetic, like last time, and the pre-med did its job even better as I was unaware of the sawing this time. I even woke myself up snoring – twice!  (I was lying flat on my back I have to … Read the rest »

Cyber Assault

Good heavens!

To say I’ve been bombarded with unsolicited e-mails for the last week would be an understatement.  First of all, it was all about Black Friday.  Black Friday?  At first I thought I was misreading and it meant Good Friday, except I’d got my seasons all mixed up.  But no, it was this hideous free-for-all-imported-from-US day when tat or merchandise the stores wanted to shift went ‘on sale’.  I’m sure you saw the pictures and the newsreels which were beyond belief.  Then, these emails continued over the weekend for Cyber Monday, which is an extension of Black Friday but … Read the rest »