Law of Attraction in Action

Three years ago my good friend B gave me The Secret  in CD form for Christmas.  I became hooked immediately not just because it made sense to me, but because so much of it tied in with the spiritual beliefs I’ve held for a long, long time.  I am not religious.  I do not understand religious fervour.  I do not need a group of men – and all religions are male-dominated and male-led – to tell me what I should and shouldn’t believe or how I should live my life and what might happen to me after I’ve died if I don’t do as I’m told in this life.  I’ve rarely done as I’m told.  And instead of a male, monotheistic deity, I believe in the intelligence of the Universe – a force greater than myself but that I am a part of – which I like to think of as Mother Nature and which I now realise is not too far removed from quantum-physics.  I am energy and energy cannot be destroyed.  And through listening to The Secret I came to understand the Law of Attraction and since then have been trying to put it into practice in my everyday life.

So I’ve been thinking wealth, abundance, prosperity, peace and serenity for a while and this week the abundance really showed up.

First of all, I was offered a FREE download of Denise Duffied-Thomas’s latest book, Get Rich Lucky Bitch.  which I claimed gleefully as I saved £9.  Then, a couple of hours later I had an email from British Airways telling me that my claim for compensation following my eight-hour delay to Antigua in March (you remember?  People getting themselves all worked up over the “not-knowing” how long the delay was going to be?) had been accepted and that 600 euros (£511.55) was winging its way to me!  Woo hoo hoo!  It’s almost worth having a delay every time you travel!

And then the following morning as I came out of the pool there was a voicemail message from Natasha at the Mail on Sunday (I thought it was a wind-up at first) telling me that I’d won £100 in a wordsearch competition I’d completely forgotten I’d ever entered!  How about that?

The money couldn’t have come at a better time as I have lots of bills in Antigua for the work that was done on the house and now these two unexpected windfalls have helped to take care of that.  Thank you, Universe.

I went to Lakeside shopping yesterday, the first time I’ve been there in a while but I had some vouchers from the Brother and Sister for my birthday and I need some shoes for M’s wedding next month.  I managed to get a great pair that exactly match my outfit which resulted in a very happy me.

On another note, I am, as you know, a huge tennis fan and I was pleased to hear on the news that there are plans ahead to put a roof over Court No 1 at the All England Club, although it won’t be in place until 2019.  It’s not all that long until Wimbledon now.  I went in the ballot yet again this year and yet again, I didn’t get any tickets  so that’s going to mean a very early morning one day if I want to go and see some tennis action in SW19.  I sometimes think it’s better to watch on the television – I mean, I don’t understand why you would go all the way to Wimbledon to then watch the tennis on the screen on Henman Hill – but the atmosphere inside the courts is always good, although this year my favourite Andy Roddick won’t be playing as he’s now retired, boo hoo!  So, I’ll be cheering for Rafa or Murray, who’s really grown on me since he’s started behaving like an adult and not a petulant litle boy and also since he beat Federer – my least favourite tennis player of all time – in the Olympics..  I also heard that the prize money’s gone up.  Now, I am a feminist and it’s not often you’ll hear me sticking up for the men but where tennis is concerned, what are the powers that be thinking of paying the women the same money as the men?  How can it be fair?  They only play the best of three sets and sometimes a Ladies’ Final is over in about half an hour, while the men slog it out over five sets and four or five hours – as in Roddick v Federer, 2009 and Nadal v Federer 2010 and yet they get paid the same.  I think this lays the women’s game wide open for criticism, and rightly so.  But what do they care?  They’re laughing all the way to the bank!

Obviously someone high up in WTA is into the Law of Attraction!

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2 thoughts on “Law of Attraction in Action

  1. Two things…wait, I can get compensated for delays…I once had Carnival (the worst cruise ship ever!) screw up the cruise I’d spent years for and then not even condescend to my various oral and written complaints which means that they have a hater for life in me. Two, what’s Federer done to you? Between Federer and the Williams sisters we may have to throw down, Elaine. Dem’s fightin’ words!

    • There was an EU ruling in 2008 I think it was and it is for airline delays – don’t know if it covers cruiselines.

      I LOVE the Williams sisters (although I sometimes feel they could be a little more humble in victory and gracious in defeat!) but I cannot justify their earning as much as the men, Joanne! Sorry but it’s indefensible! And as for Federer – there’s just something – or several things – about him that I’ve never been able to stand – he’s arrogant, he’s boring, he’s always shown such favouritism at Wimbledon etc etc etc!! Give me a player with a bit of oomph and character every time! I felt the same about Sampras.

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