Peeping Tom

Stepping into the shower the night before last, I realised I had a Peeping Tom at the bathroom window!!

Yes! There, looking at me through the mosquito netting was a frog! I was okay with him because I knew he couldn’t get to me. I’d have run screaming if there’d been any chance of him getting into the shower with me. I don’t mind the little tree frogs at all; in fact, I find them rather cute to look at, but anything bigger than them – yeuk! A frog got into the house a couple of years back – one … Read the rest »

Law of Attraction in Action

Three years ago my good friend B gave me The Secret  in CD form for Christmas.  I became hooked immediately not just because it made sense to me, but because so much of it tied in with the spiritual beliefs I’ve held for a long, long time.  I am not religious.  I do not understand religious fervour.  I do not need a group of men – and all religions are male-dominated and male-led – to tell me what I should and shouldn’t believe or how I should live my life and what might happen to me after I’ve died if … Read the rest »