Cyber Assault

Good heavens!

To say I’ve been bombarded with unsolicited e-mails for the last week would be an understatement.  First of all, it was all about Black Friday.  Black Friday?  At first I thought I was misreading and it meant Good Friday, except I’d got my seasons all mixed up.  But no, it was this hideous free-for-all-imported-from-US day when tat or merchandise the stores wanted to shift went ‘on sale’.  I’m sure you saw the pictures and the newsreels which were beyond belief.  Then, these emails continued over the weekend for Cyber Monday, which is an extension of Black Friday but for on-line sales only.


It has been an absolute tsunami of e-mails; I’ve honestly been getting about ten an hour.  Any company whose website I once glanced at for ten seconds seven or eight years ago appears to think we have some kind of relationship! I’m spending all my time deleting them – and I’m too busy to have to do that! I had an early morning phone meeting with the wonderful Stacy Plumb, who’s making our costumes for Cinderella; I’ve updated the Melabeau Productions website – – with details of Luke White, who’s playing Prince Charming; I’ve done washing; I’ve answered e-mails and, as soon as I’ve finished this post, I’ll be working on my FREE CHRISTMAS GIFT to you all.  I’m excited about that and I’ll be able to give you more details very soon!  Then, I’ve got a production meeting at the Brookside this afternoon.  Busy!  Busy!  Busy!

I’ve had a lot of interest from book bloggers about Single All the Way, through the wonderful Kim Nash who works tirelessly on my behalf – xxx – and I’ll be posting them to my Facebook page – – as the reviews come in.  Exciting!

Another really exciting thing to happen to me was meeting Idris Elba on Saturday.  And here is the photo to prove it!


With the gorgeous Mr idris Elba

With the gorgeous Mr idris Elba

As you can imagine I was the envy of my girlfriends both here and in Antigua.  Is there a woman who doesn’t find him attractive?  My Facebook page and my mobile phone nearly caught fire 🙂  He was extremely gracious and charming.  I’m now telling the Universe that he has agreed to guest in an episode of Maisie and Em.

And after the trauma of buying the second-class stamps last week, I was left with egg all over my face, thanks to Royal Mail!  As I’ve got a really busy few weeks I decided to write my cards and post them.  I figured that if I posted them second-class on 28th November, a Friday, they’d arrive around 3rd or 4th December.  But no!  For once, Royal Mail really pulled its finger out and my cards, posted at 4pm from Hornchurch, Essex, arrived in such far-flung places as Dunstable and Chertsey THE FOLLOWING MORNING!  Now everyone thinks I’m this dotty old bird who sends her Christmas cards in November.  Well, I suppose I am, but you know what I mean!

















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