Everything at Once

Sometimes….most times…or at least often, everything seems to happen at once.  Not that I’m complaining; nothing is worse than nothing going on.  It would be nice, though, if things spread out a bit more. LOL!

And I’ve organised things so badly!  Wimbledon being a week later has really thrown me.  This week I’ve got a meeting at the Brentwood Theatre, wardrobe and rehearsal for pilot TV show I’m involved in (hush hush at the moment), financial stuff, which I HATE!  I have a huge fear of all things financial, including form-filling.  Fortunately, I have someone helping me to do it but it will still take up a whole morning.  I’ve got lunch with The Daughter – hooray! hooray! – I can never have too many of those, plus a radio interview to prepare for, my own travel radio spot, pre-op assessment, Glady Knight concert – hooray! – daily writing, packing for Antigua and Wimbledon watching to do!!!!  Not enough hours in the day at the moment!  That isn’t a complaint, though.  Not at all.

And last week was busy, too.  After our wonderful day at Queen’s enjoying the Aegon Championships, my week included a production meeting for Into the Woods, minutes and action follow-ups, read-through for pilot, shopping for Antigua and a fabulous time on Saturday with some book bloggers and reviewers.  This was organised by the wonderful Kim Nash – aka Kim the Bookworm – my fabulous literary agent and friend.  As a writer who initially went along to network, meeting up with bloggers and reviewers was such a positive, interesting experience.  It was great to finally meet Dawn Crooks (crooksonbooks.blogspot.com) who has given me such great reviews.  What a lovely woman she is and it was an added bonus to share the train as far as Rugby with her, during which time she gave me the Idiot’s Guide to Twitter.  Thank you, Dawn.

And……….I have a new show on Gateway 97.8. Yes! The Book Show starts this week (Friday I think – to be confirmed) so I was very, very busy preparing for that, but I am so excited about it, especially as the first shows include interviews with Renita D’Silva, Caroline Mitchell and Christie Barlow! What a line-up of fabulous best-selling authors. I was thrilled and honoured they all agreed to take part.

It was also strange on Saturday to find myself sitting and talking to another lovely reviewer who identified herself as the judge who had rejected my short-story in a competition last year.  At the time I was miffed but it spurred me on to bring out my own book of short stories – Holiday Reads – which led to a second book – Holiday Reads 2 – which came out last month.  But meeting her and talking to her, I understood why she wouldn’t have liked it.  I also saw how not all reviewers and/or bloggers are the ‘right’ ones for me, or for everyone. Just as I have my favourite genres, so do bloggers and reviewers. Just as I am put off by certain characters/actions/narrative etc, so are they. I had a lovely time and enjoyed everyone’s company. It was a really worthwhile day and I’m very grateful to Kim for setting it up.

Over on Facebook I’ve just seen the trailer for ABS (Antigua’s state TV) new show, Keep It Real, which features my dear friend and Maisie and Em ‘other half’ Heather Doram and the lovely Zahra Airall, producer and director of When A Woman Moans. Great stuff, ladies! I’m so proud of you both!

And….. just in case you missed it……. Singles’ Holiday is FREE on Kindle today. Five hundred people have already downloaded it. Don’t miss out – and enjoy!

Right! As lovely as it is chatting to you………I’ve got thins to do! However you spend it, have a great day! Later!

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2 thoughts on “Everything at Once

  1. Trust me, the pleasure was all mine Elaine – it was wonderful to meet you at last and chat about theatre and books whilst eating and drinking wonderful rum cocktails. Until the next time – cheers 🙂 xx

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