Everything at Once

Sometimes….most times…or at least often, everything seems to happen at once.  Not that I’m complaining; nothing is worse than nothing going on.  It would be nice, though, if things spread out a bit more. LOL!

And I’ve organised things so badly!  Wimbledon being a week later has really thrown me.  This week I’ve got a meeting at the Brentwood Theatre, wardrobe and rehearsal for pilot TV show I’m involved in (hush hush at the moment), financial stuff, which I HATE!  I have a huge fear of all things financial, including form-filling.  Fortunately, I have someone helping me to do it … Read the rest »

Birmingham and Annie B (again)

I’ve had a busy few days.  Or rather I had a busy few days earlier in the week; I’ve spent yesterday and today at home trying to rest and relax and give myself a bit of TLC as I fight off joint aches, a sore throat, a thumping head and general not-feeling-well.  But the first half of the week was fabulous.

The rather lovely Annie Burkin featured in Hot Holidays! on 8th June, and that evening her play Selfie Rules had a rehearsed reading at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East.  I went along to see it and left in absolute … Read the rest »

Blame It On Angela!

Well, Dear Readers, following your requests for more books I’m working hard on Holiday Reads 2 with my next novel not exactly on the back boiler; it’s been worked on, too.  Sort of.  Oh, all right!  I’ve been waylaid.  Side-tracked.  Something’s got in the way.

And it’s all Angela Marsons’ fault!!

I started reading Silent Scream.     I could not put it down.  It’s one of those books where you get to 3am yet you’re still scrolling the iPad and muttering ‘Just one more chapter!  Just one more chapter!’  And then as soon as you wake up you decide to just … Read the rest »