I’m Coming, George!

I’m ecstatic to be going to see West Side Story at the Royal Albert Hall tonight, with the Sister.  It’s a showing of the film with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing along.  How cool is that?  And what’s really getting me excited – apart from the music and the choreography which were truly ground-breaking when the film came out – is the thought of seeing George Chakiris again.  Love that man!  And the sight of him in that mauve shirt I will take to my grave!  About sixteen or seventeen years ago I saw him playing Mr Rochester in Jane … Read the rest »

Buried in Bluebells and Caroline’s Colours

This week started with the news of yet another death, this time of my friend and colleague Mark’s dad.  Life has thrown a lot at Mark in the last few years and I really feel for him for his loss.  And perhaps it was that, plus a visit on Father’s Day to my own parents’ grave that got me thinking about my own death, especially about the funeral.

Sorting out my Mum’s funeral, and then all her stuff, was extremely stressful and that was with sharing the load with the Sister and the Brother.  My own darling Daughter is an … Read the rest »

Rehearsed Reading and Ridley Road

It’s been a rewarding, busy time for me lately, I’m pleased to report.

Last Wednesday was spent rehearsing for Thursday’s Rehearsed Reading of Singles Holiday, the play, which took place at the Wenlock & Essex in Islington.  It was exciting to feel the play coming to life and I love what director Dave Milner is bringing to the production and performing to an audience for the first time, all be it a small one, gave the rehearsal vibrancy.  I can’t wait until we’re into rehearsals-proper and am very much looking forward to October when we are performing at the Brentwood … Read the rest »