Wanna Be My Friend, Janet?

Janet Street-Porter is a Marmite celebrity; with her forthright views, distinctive, quirky look and abhorence of being hugged by anyone outside her immediate circle, you love her or you can’t stand her.  I fall into the former category.  I admire her for being herself and telling it as it is and I tend to only watch Loose Women when she’s on the panel.

Janet comes across as a strong woman with a large circle of friends so I was a bit surprised to find out that she’s admitted to being lonely.  Apparently a couple of months ago she realised she … Read the rest »

A Perfect Week

It was the loveliest week imaginable, the one I recently spent with The Daughter on Ibiza. It was lovely on so many levels, too.

I was chuffed to see her back in the place of her early years and to see that she fits in totally. You can’t deny your roots, at least she certainly can’t. She is unmistakably Spanish. Her use of the language improved by the day and everyone was keen to ask her about her background. The head-waiter in our hotel asked if she was Latin-American, which, given that her father is Uruguayan, she is, saying she … Read the rest »