Happy Birthday, Antigua!

Before I move onto congratulating my adoptive country on the thirty-fifth anniversary of its independence, I want to apologise to you all as lately I haven’t written my journal as often as I used to. I have had complaints! This, of course, is very flattering; I’m delighted at how many readers I have scattered across the globe that enjoy my jottings. So I’m really sorry if I’ve upset you. And I sincerely apologise. First of all, I don’t know where the time goes. I get up quite early here and yet before I can look round it’s lunchtime and then … Read the rest »

Strictly Brainwashing

I’ve been a fan of Strictly Come Dancing since it began because I just love dancing and everything about it was gorgeous.  But over the years the programme has descended into farce.

My biggest comment has always been that it’s unfair to have male celebrities dancing against female celebrities as it’s much harder for the men as they have to learn to lead.  Quite frankly, any woman can look reasonably good dancing with a professional partner as all you have to do is follow.  So why don’t they have all the women against each other and all the men against … Read the rest »

The Tempest Is Coming

So, here I am, hatches battoned, under the duvet, candles and choccy bicscuits to hand on the settee all cosy waiting for the Big Storm to arrive.

I’ve just been sad to see Deborah go out of Strictly.  How on earth did she and dishy Patrick end up in the bottom two?  It’s a DANCING competition, people!  Nice to see Earth Wind and Fire on the show – or Rain Hail and Sleet as my mum once mistakenly called them.  Also sad to see that Anton, who I really like, apparently goes to the same hairdresser as Paul McCartney.

So, … Read the rest »