Happy Birthday, Antigua!

Before I move onto congratulating my adoptive country on the thirty-fifth anniversary of its independence, I want to apologise to you all as lately I haven’t written my journal as often as I used to. I have had complaints! This, of course, is very flattering; I’m delighted at how many readers I have scattered across the globe that enjoy my jottings. So I’m really sorry if I’ve upset you. And I sincerely apologise. First of all, I don’t know where the time goes. I get up quite early here and yet before I can look round it’s lunchtime and then … Read the rest »

Touristy Things, Filming and a Marriage Proposal

I know I’ve been quiet since arriving at Avocado Cottage but that’s because I’ve actually been doing lots of touristy things with my good pal V who’s visiting for a week.  And in being a tourist again I’ve had a really great time and fallen in love with Antigua all over again.

I suppose it’s because doing things like going to the beach on your own are not much fun; especially for someone like me whose tolerance to the sun has become less and less over the years until lying on the beach for a long time becomes torture.  But … Read the rest »