Calm and Creative

Well, okay, not always completely calm, but certainly creative!

Since my last post I’ve settled into holiday mode.  On Sunday I took a little drive down the West Coast and was amazed to see so many changes in the five months since I was last here. There’s a new bar/restaurant on the corner of the road to Jolly Harbour and as I turned a bend in the road near Sugar Ridge I laughed out loud to see the new fish restaurant – it’s a big, red, double decker bus!!  Must try it out!  I had a spot of lunch at Denis’s – what a wonderful spot that is – overlooking Ffryes Beach one side and Coco’s the other, with Jolly Harbour in the background.  It’s the stuff of travel posters.  A guy was playing pan and I had a lovely time there.

Then, obviously, refreshed and spurred on by relaxing I sat down and worked on Singles in India for almost three hours.  I now know who’s going to be in it – the characters and their backstories – and I have a story outline, but I always find that it grows and changes as I write.  I don’t know how other writers work, but I find that my stories take on a life of their own and almost write themselves once I get going.  I know what the ‘milestones’ of the story are; getting from one to the next is where the story roams on its own.

On Monday I was busy, busy, busy.  First stop was the bank.  The good news?  I’ve made the final mortgage payment – the Little Green House is finally all mine!!!!  Hooray!!  However, because I’m stil waiting for those who owe me money to pay up ( we’re off to Court again soon – it doesn’t seem to worry them, they’ve been off travelling again!) I had to renegotiate my overdraft.  But I’m so very grateful I was able to do that and that the bank has been co-operative and understanding of the situation.  Then it was off to APUA to check they aren’t going to disconnect our electricity supply.  The bill says they will disconnect us because they can’t read the meter but they can’t read the meter because it’s broken and they haven’t got any new ones to replace it with.  I was assured that we would not be disconnected.  Grateful again!

So, after a busy morning, I took myself off to the beach for a while.  Swimming has eased the pain I had – good job as the chiropractor’s off island!  Then yesterday I was in Lipstick, looking around at perfumes when I saw a lovely woman walking towards me, smiling, nodding her head and saying “Elaine?”  It was one of my group members from last year.  She was with someone else I knew from two years ago and two more people I know very well beause they’ve come to Antigua with me loads of times are also in their group so we’re going to meet in town for lunch one day.  Lovely to see them!  Of all the perfume shops in all of St John’s…

And last night, I had a very nice dinner with three dear friends.  Pizza on the water’s edge.  Perfect!  And enough left over for lunch today!

And – I’ve had three great reviews of Sweet Lady so far, which I’ll be posting on the website shortly.  Each one said they loved the unexpected twists.  I do love a twist and turn!

And so today, as soon as I’ve posted this blog I’m back to work on Singles in India.  With perhaps a little swim at the end of the day!

Whatever you’re doing, I hope you enjoy yours.

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2 thoughts on “Calm and Creative

  1. Ah Elaine oh to be there!!! Swimming eating an chillin (ok and doing a bit of work) sounds fab keep thoe creative juices flowing cos I enjoy the fruits of your labours. xx

    • Thanks, Wendy. It’s a glorious morning today and I feel so relaxed – it’s lovely and worth all the hard work of the last few years!! Hope you’re well, sweetie. Need some more info – will FB you later xxx

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