My Inner Fanny Craddock

A couple of days ago I took the decision to cook as many of my meals as possible from scratch, thus avoiding additives, nasty chemicals and hidden sugar. I have to say, I’m really enjoying the planning, shopping, chopping, peeling and other prep, and not least of all, the eating! I’m following recipes by the wonderful Eat2Win website and have so far made avocado eggs, overnight oats and lime and coriander chicken with 50-50 mash (and have portions of it in the freezer, too). Want to see?
Overnight Oats. Avocadoeggs and Lime and Coriander Chicken with 50-50 Mash Overnight Oats.



They all tasted much better than they looked. Delicious!! Tomorrow I’m having a go at saag chan (chickpea and spinach curry) and honeynut halloumi with flatbread. Mind you, at EC$44 for 8oz of halloumi here, (£14!!!) it’s going to be an occasional treat. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy cooking and I’ve found it quite therapeutic. I suppose it’s creative, isn’t it?

And that might explain today’s writer’s block – or to be honest – procrastination. I had the day planned and getting on with The Banjo (Book Two) played a large part in that plan. But then…. the day just sort of ran away with me! So I’ve had a stern word with myself and will be chained to the keyboard for most of tomorrow. When I’m not cooking, that is.

Today wasn’t totally wasted, though. I worked with my new company. Many of you know I’ve signed up as a distributor for my wonderful #LittleYellowPills. I have to say, though, how disappointed I’ve been by a friend. Having seen how well I am on them, they took the pills for a month and felt results almost instantly. But yesterday when I spoke to them about organising a regular monthly autoship I was told “Oh, I’ve already ordered some on Amazon.” FACEPALM!!

First of all, the only way these pills can be on Amazon for the same price is if someone is selling a copy. And if that’s the case, Heaven only knows what might be in them! But secondly, I found it quite hurtful that a ‘friend’ would rather buy something from Amazon instead of helping and supporting me with my new business. What does that say about our friendship? It left me with a bit of a nasty taste in my mouth and, I’ll be honest, feeling rather hurt.

And I think that’s been behind my writer’s block today. Which is silly, isn’t it? Nil illegitimi carborundum.

And, as Scarlet O’Hara famously said, “Tomorrow is another day.” So, onwards and upwards with my Life Vantage business and with The Banjo (Book Two).

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