The Amazing Adventures of Maisie and Em – ACTION!

What an exciting week it’s been!  After two years of planning we are finally shooting the pilot episode of the Amazing Adventures of Maisie and Em.  Heather Doram and I went onto ABS Television’s  breakfast programme, good Morning Antigua and Barbuda on Thursday as our characters.  It was a lot of fun as Maisie and Em flirted mercilessly with presenter   William Dorsett, who was a good sport and gave co-presenter the lovely Brucella Marsh a lot to deal with.  We then had a production meeting and ran our lines together Nd then with the producer and director and this morning … Read the rest »

The Next Best Thing

Here is an interview I did about Singles’ Holiday for writers’ website The Next Best Thing, having been tagged by Joanne C Hillhouse – see her interview at   

Please enjoy!

Singles' Holiday

TNBT:  Where did the idea come from?

ES:  From my experiences as a tour leader with a UK singles’ tour operator.  While the characters are all from my imagination and the resort and company are also fictitious, I have been able to write convincingly about a singles’ holiday because I know how they operate, how people behave and the dynamics between them.  Too often singles’ holidays are portrayed Read the rest »

Being Entertained

Well, hello again!  It’s nice to be back blogging after my short break to finish the Amazing Adventures of Maisie and Em (from hereon known as TAAOMAE) scripts, which have, indeed, been completed and sent off to the production company.  Phew!  But my deep gratitude to Joanne C Hillhouse for guest-blogging for me.  She still has one final guest-blogpost for us to enjoy which will be posted early next week.

So in the couple of weeks since I last blogged it hasn’t been all nose to the grindstone – I’ve been out and about to a few things.  The first … Read the rest »

Calling all Antigua-lovers!!

For the next part of Joanne C Hillhouse’s guest blog she’s sharing some insightful, informative, interesting info with us about her (and my!) beloved Antigua and Barbuda while tying it into her latest novel Oh Gad!  It makes great reading – I especially love the piece about mangos, which are my favourite fruit – so enjoy and give her some feedback!

Here are the links:… Read the rest »

Introducing – Joanne C. Hillhouse

It is with the greatest pleasure that I introduce you to Joanne C. Hillhouse who has agreed to guestblog for the next four weeks for me.  I am so very appreciative – and I’m sure you will be, too:

Thanks to Elaine for sharing some of her space on the web with me and for being a 2012 patron of my writing programme Wadadli Pen. Speaking of which come to to check us out, and check out my page too when you get a chance. Bless. Joanne C. Hillhouse.

First, if you’ll indulge me I’d like to talk … Read the rest »

Joanne C Hillhouse Is Coming to my Blog!

I am really pleased and excited to announce that the wonderful, award-winning Antiguan writer Joanne C. Hillhouse has agreed to be my guest-blogger over the next few months.  Joanne is a well-known journalist, poet and the author of three novels – Dancng Nude in the Moonlight, the Boy from Willow Bend and Oh, Gad!  I can’t wait to read her first blog – I’ll let you know when it’s coming so WATCH THIS SPACE!!

I’ve been enjoying my wonderful Christmas presents.  Santa was very thoughtful with them and very good to me this year.  I’ve used my slow cooker several … Read the rest »