Broadway Babe

Regular readers will have heard me sing Julie Barker’s praises before.  I have written about her talents as a choreographer (in Melabeau Productions’ Cinderella) and actress (in Melabeau Productions’ Vagina Monologues) and she shared her Hot Holidays! with us last year.  Well, as well as working as a choreographer and actress, Julie is also the principal of a large stage school – Tip Toes.

Julie has always been supportive to all her students and has actively encouraged them to audition for professional productions in Essex and the West End.  For years she has put troupes into professional and charity shows.  … Read the rest »

Touristy Things, Filming and a Marriage Proposal

I know I’ve been quiet since arriving at Avocado Cottage but that’s because I’ve actually been doing lots of touristy things with my good pal V who’s visiting for a week.  And in being a tourist again I’ve had a really great time and fallen in love with Antigua all over again.

I suppose it’s because doing things like going to the beach on your own are not much fun; especially for someone like me whose tolerance to the sun has become less and less over the years until lying on the beach for a long time becomes torture.  But … Read the rest »

Maisie and Em – We Have Lift-off!

What a fabulous piece of news I had from my pal Heather Doram yesterday!

Regular readers will know that Heather and I appeared in the Women of Antigua production When a Woman Moans in 2011 and 2012 as two characters called Maisie and Em in two sketches I had written especially for the shows.  They were very well-received and feedback was that the sketches and characters formed a fabulous base for a TV series.  We both loved that idea – one we totally agreed with – and a young, dynamic Antiguan film-maker, Lawson Lewis, agreed to join us and we … Read the rest »