Blogpost With Knobs On

Well, what a busy couple of weeks!  I can’t believe how long it has been since my last blog and do apologise for keeping you waiting.  How rude am I?  So here is a longer-than-usual blog; a blog with knobs on, as it were.

I was thrilled and excited to be chosen as one of sixty ‘top authors’ for the Clic_Sargent auction.  People can bid to have a character take on their name in my next book, while donating to a very worthy cause – the Sargent Cancer Care for Children –  all at the same time.  I am in … Read the rest »

Lonesome Mango and Strawberry Moon

In what has been a very tense, stressful week I was overjoyed to get this photo from my friend and neighbour in Antigua, S.  It is the FIRST EVER MANGO to grow on the tree to the rear garden of Avocado Cottage.  I planted the tree three years ago and for a while I thought it had died.  Yet it’s suddenly flourishing and has produced this large, round, perfect mango. My only sadness is that I didn’t make it to Antigua last week as I’d planned and then I could have picked and eaten it myself!!   Never mind!  No point … Read the rest »

Saturday is Special

I like Saturdays.  When I was young I used to think it was a magical day.  The day was one that you could spend doing whatever you liked free from the restraints of school and Saturday night was Big Night Out.  A dance at St Elizabeth’s Church Hall and I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven.  And yesterday was another magical Saturday; an emotional roller coaster…

I had a fabulous class with my Junior Dramas at Stages Studios.  The youngsters are so talented and I love teaching them and seeing what they’re capable of.  Magic.

And then a private … Read the rest »