Credit Where Credit’s Due

I woke up this morning to the disappointing news that Andy Murray has gone out of the US Open in the quarter-finals.  Boo!  Boo!  I would have like to see him defend his title – and so would he, I’m sure.  Never mind, he’s done so well this year taking the Wimbledon title and there’s still the Masters at the O2 in November.  Meanwhile my only cry can now be – VAMOS RAFA!

One thing I was glad for on waking was the drop in temperature.  I’m all heated-out.  The flat I’m living in is like an oven.  It has … Read the rest »

BA Saga to Antigua.

Yesterday started well.  My taxi to Gatwick turned up on time; the road, apart from the  short  section of roadworks at the junction of the M25 and M26, was clear and we got there in plenty of time.  I checked in and made my way to the Aspire Lounge – so far so good!

Since I lost my Gold Member status with Virgin, I always book into a lounge as I find it’s well worth the money.  The Lounge itself is fine; I found a comfortable seat in a corner and had a pleasant breakfast, until Bunty and Geoffrey came … Read the rest »

Please Tell The Weather Fairy It’s Almost Easter

Well, the weather hasn’t got much better, has it?  I spent last week and the weekend freezing, as most of you did, too, I suppose.  And while I’m one of these strange people who actually doesn’t mind Winter, even I will be glad to see signs that Spring is here.  When I say I don’t mind Winter, what I really like is to see the changes of the seasons and I find beauty in all four of them.  But I’ve admired you enough now, Mr Winter – be off and make way for Ms Spring!!!   Thank God I’m off to … Read the rest »

Bull and other stuff

I’ve had to have words with the cowherd. 

I have to point out here that I was the only one having words, as he just grunted.  I’m not sure whether it was in approval or disapproval.  You see, until fairly recently the area that is Five Islands New Development was just open land and so local people used it as their own personal grazing ground for their goats, cattle and horses.  Now that there are houses built, albeit not too many, they still let their animals roam.  Before I had the fence put up I heard a terrible commotion one … Read the rest »

Calm and Creative

Well, okay, not always completely calm, but certainly creative!

Since my last post I’ve settled into holiday mode.  On Sunday I took a little drive down the West Coast and was amazed to see so many changes in the five months since I was last here. There’s a new bar/restaurant on the corner of the road to Jolly Harbour and as I turned a bend in the road near Sugar Ridge I laughed out loud to see the new fish restaurant – it’s a big, red, double decker bus!!  Must try it out!  I had a spot of lunch at … Read the rest »

Sweet Lady, Sweet Moment…


That, is a huge sigh of relief.  My latest book has now been published.

Each book is something special and unique to its writer.  To me it’s my child, who I want looking her best before she goes out; I don’t want any criticism of her, just for people to approve of her.  And because i want them to enjoy the book I go over and over it, tweaking here and there, changing one word, sometimes a whole sentence, sometimes raising an eyebrow at what I’d written in the first place.  She is also my employee.  Each novel “works” … Read the rest »