Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

So – I’m back in Blighty!  The last few days in Antigua passed in a blur of activity. There was filming; the pilot episode of the Amazing Adventures of Maisie and Em.  We shot right up until 3pm on Sunday and I had to be at the airport for 6!!  Great fun, though, and kudos to all concerned.  So laidback!!  I’ve never been on a shoot where the actors are the first ones there – but hey! – there’s a first time for everything!  And I have to say, that once everyone arrived it all went so well.  Apart from … Read the rest »

Getting Exciting!

Well, what a great few days! First of all, I’ve had some brilliant reviews for my blog tour of Singles’ Holiday.  You can read them all on my Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ElaineSpiresAuthor.  I am going to have a Review section on my website where all my interviews – two great ones this week, too – and reviews are together as soon as the lovely Lisa, who’s been busy with the cover for Singles and Spice, has a moment to do it for me.  Speaking of which, I am over-the-moon with the cover Lisa’s produced for Singles and Spice.  I really love … Read the rest »

Things are Moving…

We had such a positive Melabeau production meeting yesterday.  With three projects in the pipeline – Single Holidays stageplay tour, TV pilot episode and panto – things are suddenly getting exciting and it feels like we’re really moving forward!  So much to do, but we’re getting great people interested in coming on board and that is such a boost.  Check out our website and FB page later this week for all our updates.

Also had another great 1-2-1 with the inspiring Nicola May on Saturday.  Anyone wanting guidance re a writing or publishing career I can’t recommend her highly enough.  … Read the rest »

Mature Professional Lady

I sometimes forget I’m a qualified aromatherapist.  Because I haven’t practised for a number of years I’ve, lamentable, got out of the habit of using aromatherapy oils, which is such a shame as their power and influence is benignly wonderful.  This week I’ve been feeling really down.  Several factors have influenced this, not least of all the loss of Martine.  But besides that I feel as if someone’s taken my life and thrown it up in the air and all I can do is wait for the pieces to fall into place, which I don’t like!!

First of all, I … Read the rest »

Masood Needs Me

I know it’s not real.  But sometimes I get swept into TV programmes.  For instance, tonight, and the last couple of nights I’ve been so mad with the EastEnders production team.  I mean, how could Carol hurt Masood like that?  Can the poor man not find happiness?  First his ghastly wife, then Jane (what a lovely couple they made) and now Carol’s dumped him for David.  I used to like David when he was in it before (seeing Michael French up close once at the Anna Scher Theatre had much to do with that) but now he’s getting on my … Read the rest »

Hell Freezes Over

It suddenly occurred to me on Friday night, just how long it is since I was last in Spain.  And how much I miss it.  The Sister and I went to celebrate a birthday dinner with our friend D in La Tasca at Lakeside, along with three other friends and we had a fabulous evening.  The place was buzzing – good job we booked!  The waiter was attractive as only a Spanish waiter can be; the food was excellent; the cava sangria divine and the company smashing.  We laughed and laughed and laughed about old times spent in Ibiza as … Read the rest »

Old Four Eyes

It’s a chilly day today; winter drawers on!

I’m not sorry, though as it’s lovely to see how the leaves are changing colour now and the nights are drawing in. I love the changing of the season, each one having its own beauty.  People are sometimes surprised that I like cold weather or the rain but I really do. The only thing I dislike is the wind (oh stop it!) and that’s because I’m a contact lens wearer and it blows particles of dust into my eyes that then feel like rocks.  I’ve worn lenses since I was eighteen.  Yes, … Read the rest »