Buried in Bluebells and Caroline’s Colours

This week started with the news of yet another death, this time of my friend and colleague Mark’s dad.  Life has thrown a lot at Mark in the last few years and I really feel for him for his loss.  And perhaps it was that, plus a visit on Father’s Day to my own parents’ grave that got me thinking about my own death, especially about the funeral.

Sorting out my Mum’s funeral, and then all her stuff, was extremely stressful and that was with sharing the load with the Sister and the Brother.  My own darling Daughter is an … Read the rest »

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

So – I’m back in Blighty!  The last few days in Antigua passed in a blur of activity. There was filming; the pilot episode of the Amazing Adventures of Maisie and Em.  We shot right up until 3pm on Sunday and I had to be at the airport for 6!!  Great fun, though, and kudos to all concerned.  So laidback!!  I’ve never been on a shoot where the actors are the first ones there – but hey! – there’s a first time for everything!  And I have to say, that once everyone arrived it all went so well.  Apart from … Read the rest »

Rehearsed Reading and Ridley Road

It Was Costa! With Nicola May after out great One-To-One

It’s been a rewarding, busy time for me lately, I’m pleased to report.

Last Wednesday was spent rehearsing for Thursday’s Rehearsed Reading of Singles Holiday, the play, which took place at the Wenlock & Essex in Islington.  It was exciting to feel the play coming to life and I love what director Dave Milner is bringing to the production and performing to an audience for the first time, all be it a small one, gave the rehearsal vibrancy.  I can’t wait until we’re into rehearsals-proper and am very much looking … Read the rest »

Egg-Free Easter

I wasn’t sure how easy – or rather how difficult – Easter and its build up was going to be for me given that I’m a recovering chocoholic.  I do not say that in jest, or lightly, as I know from experience that giving up sugar for someone like me is as hard as an alcoholic getting on the wagon.  An alcoholic will have their favourite tipple and a sugar addict their favourite food.  And mine took the form of chocolate, preferably dark chocolate, my all-time favourite being Lindor dark chocolates and eggs.  But, like an alcoholic at their rock … Read the rest »

I Hate To Say ‘I Told You So’

Easter is almost upon us.  And bringing with it the usual press and media contradictions, know what I mean?  You open any paper or women’s magazine and half of it is dedicated to seasonal supermarket ads for Easter eggs and hot cross buns and recipes for Easter cakes while the other half flags up dire warnings of growing obesity and tells us that sugar is the new fat.

I’ve been saying that for years!

It’s no secret that my first novel, What’s Eating Me, is semi-autobiographical in that I’ve struggled with my over-eating compulsion all my life.  And I knew … Read the rest »


Wow!  Where has the time gone?  The days all roll into one and suddenly I haven’t blogged for ages.  How very remiss of me!

There’s been loads going on, not least of all the everyday busyness of looking after Aunty. Added to that, seeing the Younger Nephew in Dahling! You Were Marvellous!, Quiz Night on Monday for the Older Nephew’s Fundraising Week, fabulous Mother’s Day lunch with the even more fabulous Daughter at the Gaucho and Mother’s Day visit to my own Mum’s grave to take her some flowers With the Sister.  Then there’s my drama classes at Stages Studios … Read the rest »

Time for Raspberries Among the Spice

It’s been a while since my last Retailer’s Raspberry, but today I’m going to award one to the Murco Service Station in Upper Rainham Road Elm Park.  Twice I’ve been in there recently and both times the whole transaction has taken place without the assistant even looking at me, other than to glance to see that I’m holding a card to pay with, while he continues his conversation in a foreign language with his colleague.  How rude!  On the second occasion I actually just looked at him and didn’t insert my card into the machine until, after a considerable time, … Read the rest »

Didn’t We Have a Luvverly Time?

Well!  What a day Friday 14th was!  My birthday, of course, along with the Younger Nephew who was 15 (I was slightly older) and I thank everyone for the beautiful cards, presents, messages, flowers which made me feel loved and cherished.  I had a great lunch with the Sister and the Daughter; lovely to spend time with my two favourite ladies!

But it was also THE LAUNCH PARTY!  In case you didn’t hear: the Kindle launch of SINGLES AND SPICE, my fourth novel. And we had a ball!  The wonderful Kim Nash was the organiser and a fabulous job she … Read the rest »

Jolly Good Day

Today I behaved like a tourist.

I decided to spend the day at the Jolly Beach Resort, on a Day Pass   It’s more than ten years since I went to JBR for the first time, back in July 2003 and two years to the month that I took my last singles’ group there.  Of course, I didn’t know then that it was going to be my last ever job; my mum had just been diagnosed with cancer and I was on what I thought was compassionate leave when I was fired for writing my novel, Singles’ Holiday.

As it turned … Read the rest »

The Tempest Is Coming

So, here I am, hatches battoned, under the duvet, candles and choccy bicscuits to hand on the settee all cosy waiting for the Big Storm to arrive.

I’ve just been sad to see Deborah go out of Strictly.  How on earth did she and dishy Patrick end up in the bottom two?  It’s a DANCING competition, people!  Nice to see Earth Wind and Fire on the show – or Rain Hail and Sleet as my mum once mistakenly called them.  Also sad to see that Anton, who I really like, apparently goes to the same hairdresser as Paul McCartney.

So, … Read the rest »